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5x5 and Waist Thickness?


Is it possible to do 5x5 without gaining thickness around the waist? Talking reg park workout that was posted on T nation. My job requires a uniform. They will not buy me new pants if I out grow these. Workout three days run on off days?


Adjust weight gain according to how your pants fit, if they are getting tight stay at that weight for awhile. If your average height you should be able to hit around 200lbs without having to step up pant sizes.


niiice, why even start training if you consider this stupid thing as a some kind of barrier for you?....

if you out grow old pants (btw it is not so easy to get 200lbs of pure muscles without fat) buy new fucking work pants by YOURSELF from your own money, and that's ALL...


Seriously... You are destined for failure if you are already putting up this kind of barrier in your way. Do you want a better physique or not? If the answer is yes, buy some pants. If not, spend your time more wisely doing something else.


or, don't gain weight but put on muscle then your waist won't change


Agreed. I have had to buy entire new sets of jeans TWICE since starting squatting and deadlifting.

Human society should be so lucky. If you have a job you have enough money for ONE new pair of pants. HTFU.


I feel for ya bud, but I'll echo everyone else here.

If you're in such a dire situation that you literally can't afford to grow out of your uniform then you probably can't afford to lift to begin with.

Gym memberships (or the initial investment to buy your own weights), equipment like a belt, etc.

That's not even counting the, sometimes huge, cost of food that is required to gain muscle.


You should read some more articles on the site if you believe this is what it takes to keep the waist line in check.


You mean lose as much fat as he gains muscle? Interesting assessment considering we don't know his body comp stats.

But I see your point considering there are NO muscles around the waist line which will hypertrophy and grow when trained...

Edit: ^^^sarcasm


To the OP:
This here is a wonderful product you may or may not be aware of yet. It's truly remarkable in that it allows us to wear pants which are A FEW SIZES TOO LARGE! That way if we build up some impressive squattin' legs, we may continue wearing the new pants! Just a thought =)


I want to go from 8" to 12", but my work won't buy me new pants


Think yourself lucky that your work buy your pants!


If you eat to maintenance you'll find you wont gain any weight, waist size at least. I've actually gone down a pants size, haha.


Lmao. This has got to be the single most ridiculous excuse I've heard. " um guys, i might have to buy my own pants! Help!"