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5x5 and Hockey training

I am currently in season for hockey, and we have no in season training program for my team. I just finished a bulking cycle while on Super Strength and Limping, followed by some rest and a week or two of high volume lower intensity work. I currently sit at 190-195 w/ 13.5% BF. My goal is to get that down to 10 in the next 8 weeks which of course will come mostly from my diet, but obviously i still need to retain my strength for hockey purposes. For this reason I was thinking of doing a modified 5x5 routine. I have practices on tuesday and thursday, and usually 1 or 2 games a weekend on friday saturday or sunday. I am not really sure what the best days to lift would be on a three day 5x5 routine, or what days to incorporate intervals and plyos. Obviously I dont want to be sore for games, but I have no problem with being sore during practice. Shoulders are my weak point so I have tried to hit them twice a week rather where as everything else is just once. Here is what I came up with, taking all that into account, and with what we have available at my gym. Obviously I am no expert, so I would love to hear some critiques.

Monday (chest, shoulders and arms)
a1. Incline Press
a2. Weighted Dips
b1. Push Press
B2. Preacher curls

HIIT and plyos then 1 hour of practice

Wednesday (Legs and )
A1. Squat
A2. Sumo deadlift
B1. calve raises.
B2. Stiff leg Deads

Thursday (Back and shoulders)
A1. Military Press
A2. Wide Grip weighted Pullup
B1. Wide Grip Low pulley row
B2. Barbell Shrugs.
1 Hour Practice

Friday, saturday, sunday: Sprint, jump rope etc if no game.

I will also be doing ab work pre lifting.
I’d appreciate any feedback, or any other ways I can still perform on the ice, while getting rid of some of this flab. thanks

The workout looks promising, but I have one comment:

Did you mean to superset the A1) and A2) excercise? If so, then i think you may be in for a rude awakening on gameday after supersetting squats and deads. Since your games are usually on weekends, I would train legs first in the week, so they are as recovered as possible come gameday.

Ideally i would like to do legs first in the week, but that would then require doing two upperbody days in a row. Wouldn’t that lead to overtraining and fatigue affecting the second upper body day. As for the supersets, its my understanding that they arent true supersets in that you allow for recovery in between. Is that how the program is supposed to be?