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5x5 and EDT

I saw in muscle media where pavel combined 5x5 and EDT for a leg program. Does anybody think this would be overtraining? Should I cut out the hipdominant day?

Day 1(Monday)
pullup 5x5
15 min PR zone
A-1 cable row
A-2 decline db ext
15 min PR zone
B-1 1 arm row(left)
B-2 1 arm row(right)
B-3 reverse girp pushdown
Day 2(Tuesday)
squat 5x5
15 min PR zone
A-1 lunge
A-2 seated calf raise
15 min PR zone
B-1 leg extension
B-2 standing calf raise
Day 3(Thursday)
incline bench 5x5
15 min PR zone
A-1 mahcine bench press
A-2 preacher curl
15 min PR zone
B-1 incline cable fly
B-2 reverse curl
Day 4(Friday)
deadlift 5x5
15 min PR zone
A-1 back extensions
A-2 abs
15 min PR zone
B-1 leg curl
B-2 abs

The article was by Staley.

If notice Charles Stanley in the new MM mag… Has he jumped ship? Or is he freelancing?

Does anybody think this would be overtraining though, using EDT 4 days a week?

  1. Yeah, it was Charles Staley. I don’t know who the hell Charles “Stanley” is.

  2. He’s a very knowlegeable guy and wouldn’t have written this program if he thought it would overtrain most people. Just make sure that your nutrition is in place.

Can’t people write for multiple publications?

Looks okay to me.

Looks like an interesting program. Is this in the April issue? Looked in the March one and didn’t see it.

The article was in the February issue and the above outlined program is one that the poster came up with, not the one Staley outlined. The one staley outlined was a leg specialization program in which you squat twice weekly (one session focusing on intensity and the other session focusing on acceleration). He then outlined a maintenance EDT program for the upper body.


Thanks for clearing that up Joel. SRS