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5x5 Advanced, Any Experiences?


Hey guys.

any of you have any experience with the bill starr 5x5 advanced program? what kind of results can i expect as far as strenght? not really too worried about size.

Been on a bodypart/bodybuilding split for ages, training to failure all the time hitting each bodypart once a week with a gazillion isolation movements. feel pretty beatdown, and my numbers in the big lifts have been stagnant for a long time. finally decided to make the transition.


What's so "advanced" about it?


From what you wrote, you dont need anything advance. I would start with some simple like Starting Strength or even 5/3/1.


The 5x5 program im on gives very consistant gains in strength atleast for a beginner.


tell us your max squat / bench / dead
your bodyweight
your gender

advanced, huh?

we will see


Male, 5,9, 190 lbs dry morning weight, lean.

Squat: 405
Deadlift: 485
Bench: 265
Military 198


You will have lay out the basic program you are talking about since "advanced 5x5" isn't a universally known program. There are about a million 5x5 variations out there so we need to know what you are talking about.



and this

lead me to believe that you need to not go to failure as often. Maybe one lift a week, to failure.




This(along with the originals) is a great program but with the way you have been training, I would really think something along the line of SS would suit you better. This program is for slower progression and I would think you could probably progress faster than what this is calling for.


Those numbers are not "advanced" by any means. The regular texas method would suit you just fine. Its hard work, but well worth it.