5x5 @ 80% with Squat ocus

I’ve been doing BBB 5x5 as outlined in Beyond 531 for a couple of weeks and I would like to focus more on my squat. Therefore on my squat day I plan to focus just on my squat. Instead of deadlifting assistance, I will do some First Set Last sets of back squat.

Have I missed anything? Will the 5/3/1 sets alone be sufficient to increase my deadlift?


Squat 5/3/1
Squat FSL 3-5 x 5-8
Abs 5x10

Bench 5/3/1
OHP 5x5 @ 80%
DB Row 5x10

Deadlift 5/3/1
Squat 5x5 @ 80%
Abs 5x10

OHP 5/3/1
Bench 5x5 @ 80%
DB Row 5x10

I thought you said you wanted to focus on your squat. Is that a typo? I assume it is because you are doing one thing and asking another.