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5x3x1 & Floor Presses


Has anyone implemented the floor press into their regimen?

I am looking to use the floor press to increase my triceps strength, and would like to include it as accessory work after i bench. What rep and set scheme would you guys recommend to add strenght to the tri's?


Whatever you do, just don't psyche yourself up for the floor press or push yourself to repetition failure.


I usually tend to hover around five sets of ten for most accessory work, but find what works for you.


When my shoulder was bothering me I switched to the floor press and found that it helped my bench strength. I did heavy triples just like I do bench and really liked it. I'm not a huge bencher though so take that for what it's worth.



I like reps in the 5-8 range for floor presses. I do them early in my training cycle when volume is not a huge concern, and I usually alternate between dumbbell floor presses (great for stability) and barbell floor presses. On the DB variation, I will toss in 1 arm floor presses as well, which I really like. If I am using them as an accessory I will usually go by feel for sets and reps, but again I stay between 5-8 reps and usually 4-5 sets, focusing hard on force generation from a dead stop on the floor and a strong lock-out.


I asked Jim on here a while ago and he said sets of 3-5 reps after bench wont blow out your CNS. I have been doing that since.


Thanks for the advice. Im going to start implementing them into my next cycle.