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5x3 Supplemental Percentages?

I was thinking of maybe doing the 3/5/1 sets followed by 5x3 instead of 5x5 FSL because I did a week of 8x3 for main lifts and loved it…only question is, what % of TM should I use for 5x3? FSL would be too light for triples…I was thinking of trying 80% and seeing how that works, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

I used SSL (Second Set Last) and that was pretty sweet.

So percentage-wise that would work out to 80%/75%/85% (if using the 3/5/1 order)

Cool, that was my next thought, but wasn’t sure if that was too much especially because I’ve heard Jim say that SSL is not for extended periods of time.
Either way, this 5x3 supp would only be during my leaders.

Right. I only used it for 2 cycles. Actually I was doing 3 sets of 3 to see if I could reduce the crippling DOMS and burnout feeling I’d get doing FSL 5 x 5, plus I had some other quirks worked into my main lift programming, but in the big picture SSL for 3’s always felt like good solid work.

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