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5th Day for Assistance/Conditioning


I’m not trying to be smart and to tweak 5/3/1 but I struggle to put everything required in my morning routine (from 6:45 to 8:15). I reduced the light cardio from 10 to 3 minutes (jump rope), I do the agile 8, jumps, 5/3/1, supplemental, then 1 or 2 assistances exercises, sometimes conditioning (sprint or rowing)

I will begin to superset some exercises and try to be more efficient but I don’t want to rush for quantity. Is it ok to have a 5th day to only perform missing assistance and conditioning work ?

If you’re pushing yourself hard for 1.5 hours four times a week like your weekly routine shows, I don’t think you need another “assistance” day. I think most people would see better long term results if they devoted an extra day to mobility, walks/hikes, or other “easy” conditioning activities rather than assistance work.

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I just finished 5/3/1 and mostly got my answer. The internet allows you to think out loud too much.