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5th Cycle

first cycle 12weeks M1T, BAD idea (18yrs old)
2Nd cycle 75mg/day turinbol oral 3weeks. maintained weight, lost fat, kept nothing no PCT)
3rd cycle 100mg/day winstrol oral 6 weeks. gained few lbs. felt old as fuck(pct nolva 2 weeks 40mg week 1/ 20mg week 2

4th cycle
400mg test/week 12 weeks
300mg EQ week/week 12 weeks
Ostarine starting at week 11 25/mg day
standard PCT Nolva/clomid 40/100 week 1 20/50 week 2-3
gained 10lbs, lost 4% BF
gained approx 20lbs muscle
Bench 265
dead 470
squat 350
6’4" endo/ecto end cycle weight 235, start cycle weight 225
bench 225
squat 315
DEAD 415

this is coming up and looking for feedback
600 EQ/week 1-12
400 test/week 1-12
masteron week 10-16 300mg/week
test 600mg/weeK 12-16

may use an oral kickstart turinabol 75/MG DAY for 3 weeks

main goal increase strength/endurance and sense of well being

typical daily food

6 eggs,
2 cups veggies,
3 servings fats

4oz meat
1 cup veggies
2 servings fat

4oz meat
1cup veggies
2 servings fat

intra workout
2 servings proten
4 servings dextrose

post workout 4oz meat
2 servings carbs
1 cup veg

4oz meat
1 serving carbs
1 cup veg

pre bed snack
2 servings cottage cheese
1 cup veg
3 servings fat

Just curious, what is a serving of fat?

tbsp. of oil, 1tbsp of nut butter usually.

whatever a “serving” is on the container

Im sorry man but after 4 “cycles” you can only bench 225 and only 225 body weight at 6’4" you need to reevaluate your training and diet as obviously it is not up to par.

[quote]Jbott1988 wrote:
tbsp. of oil, 1tbsp of nut butter usually.

whatever a “serving” is on the container[/quote]

That’s my point, its useless to post up a diet when we don’t know wtf a serving consists of.