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5th Cycle. Test Cyp, EQ, Winstrol, Proviron

Hi wanted some advice gonna start my 5th cycle soon and it goes like this
400mg test cyp pw m/thurs week 1-12
600mg Eq undec pw m/thurs week 1-12
50mg proviron Ed week 1-12
Winstrol 100mg Ed split am/pm week 7-12
1000iu hcg Ew week 1-15
Clomid nolva pct for 4 weeks 3 weeks after last pin
12stone 1lb
14% bf

Wanted to know if I should take a 400mg test shot and 600mg we sot on my first day to reach peak blood levels by the end of the week?
After that doses will be split 200test cyp mon/thurs
300Eq mon/thurs

I don’t think it makes much difference. Some guys swear by front-loading, but I don’t know if it is worth doing. Others may chime in.

Cheers for the reply wot do u think about the cycle itself I’ve only previously done test p mast p and winny cycles last 1 being 16 weeks

I think of your diet is good then you’re going to get some killer results. What’s the main goal?

And get Dow to around 10-12 % bf

Diet is clean I’ve come down from 14.5 stone and 26%bf and want to gain at least 12-14 lbs of lean muscle can’t wait to start it

That’s a lot of winstrol. Do you normally run it that high?

100mg/day is generally used by people pre contest at very low body fats to attain a shrink wrap look. At your body fat this will not happen and you essentially just putting more strain on your liver and joints with that dose compared to 50mg/day

Previously ran it at 50mg Ed
I will reduce it to 50mg
I have letro and a Anastrazole on hand do u think I will need it or will the proviron do the trick got itchy tits on my last cycle which I sorted with anastrazole

Itchy nips isn’t really a reason to use an AI.

I def wouldn’t use letro if you have used adex before and ate familiar with how it works on you etc just go with what you know.