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5th Cycle Question


Hi Guys,

I started my 5th cycle Sept 1st consisting of 1g sustanon, 600mg deca, 50mg dbol per week. I mostly stopped working out after my last cycle about 6 months ago. Since starting back and beginning this cycle, I have gained about 18 pounds with minor increase in bodyfat, which I find to be a bit hard to believe. I look and weigh now about the same as I did at the end of my last cycle. I realize its a heavier cycle, but I didn't respond well to my initial 3 cycles of lower doses. I'm not advocating more is better.

I am consuming 4500 cals per day, 400g of protein. 5'5" tall, current weight is 188lbs.

My question is about the weight gain. Is it possible I just atrophied in the last 6 months and my existing muscle cells are responding to the training stimulus and additional protein again? I have never seen this rapid of a weight gain on my previous cycles, last cycle was 750mg of test e, 400mg deca per week.

Either way something is working. I realize most of it is water retention. Excited to see what my weight will shoot up to when the sustanon is fully functional. Thoughts?

Thanks again!


this isn't surprising to me at all. Gaining muscle that you already had is much easier than gaining it the first time around, especially when it's muscle weight that you had not that long ago.

are you using an AI? a lot of it is probably water retention, like you said, however you will easily gain back all the muscle you had before on this cycle as long as your calories are high enough.


Personally I'd say the oral dbol is responsible for a large % of the weight gain, if your going to run dbol all the way then ignore my next point but why not increase your test e dpse week by week up to 2g or as high as you feel comfortable, the water retention of test e is pretty minimal, and the build up effect week on week due to the 18day half life mean great lean gains.....and you'll keep them to much greater extent,


muscle memory + higher dose of gear= fast gains