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5th and Washington


This dude's from "FIFTH AND WASHINGTON!" Sure didn't help him in this fight though

So which one you dudes said a jab couldn't knock someone out?


This is also an excellent example of why, in my opinion, boxing one of the strongest arts for self defense, because at least the first half of the video was self defense.

The second half.... well, probably assault...


I would have thrown a leg kick /s

Seriously though, that was beautiful.


How do I post videos in the post? I think more folks would watch it if I did but youtube appears to have changed things around...


Lmao that was brilliant


Nice jab


That was awesome. He threw a nice little 1-2 but missed with the straight right. That kick to the ribs at the end is what's gonna learn that dude not to run his mouth like that again.


I think boxing is a really underrated method of self-defense. I can't say I go out of my way to look for street fights on Youtube but I feel this is a strong example of why boxing can and is used for self-defense.

A big part of the sport is taking advantage of an opportunity and an opponent with their hands down provides a good chance to attack. The most basic combination in the sport of boxing, the one 99.9% of people will be learning first, put the person instigating the fight down and the other person could have easily walked away.


The lucky one who has never had his dick knocked stiff by a better fighter? Definitely wasn't me.

Also, I never got the whole shirt off before a street fight thing. I get not wanting to be grabbed. I really do. On a sidewalk though, fuck that. I will trade maybe giving you a handle to being able to keep my skin on if we take a trip to the sidewalk or crash into a wall, or tree, or rusty tailgate, or whatever.

Yes I get the threat display thing, but that shit is strictly open mic night. While I strip down you can get to punching me (or much, much worse) or just un-ass the area.


Robert A


You know, it kills me. There's videos of boxers decimating people in streetfights pasted all over youtube. Then, there's the well documented stories about some of its best practitioners, guys like Micky Ward, Arturo Gatti, Bernard Hopkins, Kelly Pavlik, Mike Tyson, Jack Dempsey- and the list goes on- using boxing in streetfights and in other situations where, if the circumstances are right, it's self-defense, and beating guys up.

And still, people will say that Royce Gracie beat a boxer once so BJJ is better, or that MMA is king of the street now, or that their system of Hoo Phlung Poo will end lives, and they pay out the ass for this kind of thing.... when you could pay 30 bucks a month, learn to box, and learn more about fighting in three months then you'll learn in years of this other shit.

Sorry for the rant. Sometimes videos like this just make me say, "How the fuck can you knock this after watching something like that?"


But BJJ will always own Boxing on a ring is there any doubt about that? A ground practioner will always have the advantage if the his opponent does not know ground game.


You know, I think any sport where the sole intention is to punch someone else in the face has its merits as a form of self-defense. In my personal opinion based on the one fight I've been in outside of boxing I think that any combat sport training can really help you. For one you get a lot of experience with fighting since all combat sports incorporate sparring, you also learn proper technique and will most likely just be more experienced and skilled than the average person.

I do get baffled by people saying that "boxing wont work in a street fight" since I can only assume it's a lot of wild punches thrown with reckless abandon, telegraphed punches, and no display of any competency in striking. Can a sport who's very foundation is punching while avoiding punches really be ineffective in a scrap?

If you were walking around Liberty city and a person comes up to you looking to assault or rob you would you rather punch him and leave the area or go to the ground and grapple with them?


Who is disputing that?

We're talking about self defense here, from a purely self defense/street fighting point of view, going to the ground is NEVER a good option. Besides a lot of the techniques in BJJ rely on the goodwill of your opponent not to bite your balls clean off or gouge your eyes out.

  1. pretty sure shirtless guy was a crackhead.
  2. He didn't even have his hands up. Just sayin'

Edit: According to this show, the guy was drunk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuCAOMIrWwI&feature=related


Way to exemplify exactly what I was talking about.


In my opinion, boxing and wrestling are the purest, most instinctual forms of 'fighting' that exist.
Their simplicity and effectiveness make them great.
As for BJJ always owning boxing, I disagree.
Good luck getting a boxer down to the ground if he's throwing jabs and straights at you.
Also, BJJ is best in MMA because the rules are geared towards ground fighting.
If you could bite, head butt and the like, very few people would use BJJ.


Lesson learned: don't take your shirt off to showoff your hotabz 'till after you win.


Most/all that is/was allowed in the very early UFC and Vale Tudo... BJJ still works.

The real issue is TDD: most people are clueless about it, and my guess is most untrained people could do a better job of taking down another untrained guy (of similar size/weight) than defending against it.


Biting and gouging was never allowed in Vale Tudo or the early UFC.

Fact remains that several positions in BJJ are simply terrible positions to put yourself in from a self defense perspective.


That shit is all ring fighting. And that's where BJJ is great- in a ring, with one other guy.

The last fight I got into, a guy took my buddy to the ground. But I, along with about ten other guys, was standing very close to it. I'll give you one guess what happened to Mr Groundfighter.... you can see it in the last few minutes of that video.

If I fight in the street, I don't give a shit about takedown defense. If I grapple with you especially on the ground I've already lost. Take me down and I'll go right for your throat- it works pretty well, I once watched a guy start puking all over because I tried to rip out his adam's apple.

If you put me in a triangle, I will stab you.

We're on different levels of violence here.