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5th ACORN Tape



This time from San Diego...


Here is a story about it, the link I used doesnt seem to work...


Wha' hoppen??


Pelosi: I'm clueless about cash cut-off

WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said yesterday she is clueless about an amendment to prohibit government funds for embattled ACORN, although it overwhelmingly passed the Senate Monday and the White House is calling for the group to be held accountable.

"I don't even know what they passed," Pelosi told The Post yesterday. "What did they do? They defunded it?"

The amendment to suspend housing grants was a stunning blow to the community-activist group -- and came as some Democrats and the White House have been backing away from the group.

The vote was preceded by the release of videos by conservative activists posing as a pimp and prostitute soliciting -- and receiving -- tips from ACORN employees about how to shield income, avoid taxes and set up a brothel.

The issue now goes to a House-Senate conference committee for a spending bill. Its fate is up to Democratic leaders, particularly Pelosi, since the House passed no such provision.

Some fellow lawmakers were surprised that Pelosi wasn't following the issue.

"I think that she's not focused on the issue of corruption," said Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who has been hammering ACORN.


The country is in the very best of hands.


For a speaker of the House she sure doesn't know a lot of things ... ACORN who?? Waterboarding what?? Come on now...


Anybody trust ACORN to do an honest internal investigation? That's like the IRS auditing itself..."Nope we found no problems."

Here's the question nobody has asked, how many under aged prostitution rings did ACORN successfully assist in? These people appeared to know what they are talking about. Geez, how much illegal shit have they done in reality? You had pretty decent voter registration fraud going on little more than a year ago.
If obama were smart he would have the FBI and AG launch an immediate probe. His connections to the group can hurt him, even if he did nothing wrong, if he just stays silent on the matter. The have been caught in the act of doing way to many things wrong to just stay silent.


another source on the video


What's more disturbing is that for the first time, Nancy's face actually moved.


I wanted to see some of the media bias, so I watched MSNBC to see their take on it. Their spin on it was, that it was all a joke and that they played along with the couple posing as a pimp and prostitute. They also went on to call these videos entrapment, which it is not, no one forced ACORN employees to answer the questions being asked. They could have simply said, "I am sorry, we are not able to help you with opening a brothel for underage girls."

What the media cannot spin on (either Conservative or Liberal), is that police were not notified, and that is pure fact.


I wonder what is going to happen when some of these employees get interviewed. You think any of them will take one for the team? Or will they be looking to pass the blame up the ladder? You know, stuff like, yea we were told to look the other way for people who may be doing illegal things, they are the ones who will vote for our guys.

It will be an interesting couple months.



I just wanted to add in that there is no way any of this is real. Government money and by default, government support cannot ever go to the set up and support of child prostitution centers. Whats next, you are going to tell me that my tax money is being spent bringing cocane into this country, or that it might go to people who take planes and fly them into buildings. You guys and your conspiracies. The governemnt would never give money to and support such an orginazation. I have a better chance of getting raped in the butt by a unicorn.



I mean come on people, you think there is going to be this ring of people funding child prostitution rings, which by the way is worse than child pornographny, and murderers and all those other evil deeds. You think this is going to be going on like this and no one is going to talk about it? You think this sting is real and that by INVESTIGATING this orginazation, something is going to come out that would not have otherwise been leaked out by now already?

You are chasing windmills, lets focus on more important issues right now like you know, how upset we are about Kayne west being a dick, or possibly if you feel MJ is an asshole or not. You can pick either MJ you want also. No, Investigating an orginazation will never yeild any information that wouldn't have been leaked out anyways. I mean and besides that, you really think people are going to just look the other way over a child prostitution ring, or perhaps even lend them assistance? This is fucking the USA baby, this isn't some barbaric 3rd world country where there are no values or morals. WAKE UP!



Yes, ACORN will probably say that these specific individual employees were behaving on their own accord, and are not representative of what ACORN stands for. They got fired for just that reason.


Well, no. It's not entrapment because it was an "investigative reporter" doing the entrapping instead of a cop. If a law enforcement officer introduces himself to you by saying, "hey dude, will you help me rob this bank?" that's entrapment. A police officer cannot legally induce you to commit a crime you would not otherwise be predisposed to commit. I'm pretty sure "induce" also includes simply encouraging you to do something.

And it seems like in the San Bernardino case, the nutjob at ACORN may really have been just playing along. She apparently confessed to the reporter that she killed her ex, even though all of her known past husbands are still alive.


Fascinating stuff man.

This is good stuff