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5'so PRO, and MMA Question

First off I want to thank Jim for devising such a kick ass program. I’ve been using it for years and not only have my big lifts increased ( Sq 500lbs pr w/ wraps, DL 561lbs pr, Bench 320lbs pr, OH 215lbs pr all @190lbs bw) but my in ring/cage performance have increased significantly.

That being said since I’m fighting more frequently now I need to drop my weight training to 2-3 days tops,and increase my skill training/conditionin days. I am also aware that my strength will be taking a hit,but I know that you can’t ride 2 horses with one ass. I’ve seen a lot of recommendations of the 5’PRO from Beyond 531 to be used on the main lifts and assistance for in season MMA athletes,and in season athletes in general. I was wondering would I be using the same TM for my big lifts that I always have, a different training max, or just run 5/3/1 (or 3/5/1) the way I have been and just use 5 PRO for the big assistance lifts ? 95%x5 on a big lift does seem like a lot to recover from,but maybe I’m understanding it wrong,or didn’t see it in the book. Thanks in advance for any help,and recommendations.

Cheers !