5's Progression to Regular 531

I am just recovering from hernia surgery. After 6 weeks I started doing body weight stuff, then started doing a sort of 5’s progression. Basically I am doing the full body full boring (squat, bench, deadlift) with some extra stuff in there to rehab both my hernia area and my shoulder ( I tore my rotator cuff last fall too).

What I have been doing is basically a 5’s double progression with the big lifts. So, I started with just the bar and every workout I add 10 lbs to my squat and bench and 20 lbs to my deadlift for 5 sets of 5. I am planning on continuing to add weight until I can’t do 5 sets of 5 at a particular movement. At that point, I will use that weight as my 5 rep weight for that exercise and calculate my 1 rm. I will take 90% of this as my TM and then start with a 5s progression at that weight.

I want to do a cycle or two like this and then, hopefully, switch back to regular 531. But, the 5s progression weight should be much lighter than the 531 weights because you are doing 5 reps even on your 95% days. So, I was wondering how you make the transition. Do you just keep going with the weight from the 5s progression when you switch or redo your TM at that point?

You just keep going. Good luck on getting healthy!