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5's PRO Testimonial


Just wanted to say thanks to Jim.
Have done 5’s PRO + 5x5 FSL for 4 cycles, and just finishing up Rep PR’s + 3x5 FSL for 1 cycle now.

Sample squat day

Agile 8
3x5 Box Jumps
Squat 5’s PRO
FSL 5x5
Abs + Low back

Previous maxes and last week’s 3’s week pr’s below. Simple hard work works best. Been eating 1.5lb beef a day with cup of rice, as per Jim’s suggestion which you can’t go wrong with. Bodyweight has also climbed almost 4kg with no added fat…

Squat has gone from 145kg x8 - 157.5x11
TBDL 165kgx10 - 180x8
OHP 65kgx10 - 75kgx8

Thanks Jim.


You are welcome - this is great to hear. Especially the diet part. Amazing what happens when you get eat and keep it simple. Thanks for taking the time to share.


great job keep at it, gotta love those 5 pro’s


Is it always 5x5 fsl as the same lift or can you do 5x5 fsl of the opposite lift?


I assume you could do FSL for the opposite lift if you want. Only things that’d really change is you might need to do a warm up set or two up to the working sets but thats not big deal. Doesnt matter which one you do in grand scheme of things