5's Pro + FSL Newbie

Hi all! Bought the books-got brained dumped on a lot of stuff. Learned tons!

Looking at starting a 5’s pro + fsl and would like a little feedback to make sure I’ve got the assistance stuff right. Assume warm ups and jumps/medicine balls are programmed in

press weekly %
press fsl 5x5
dips 5x15
chins 5x10
core 50-100 reps

deads weekly %
deads fsl
kettlebell swings 50-100 reps
push up sets 50-100 reps total
curl 5x10

bench %
bench fsl
dp press 5x15
row 5x10
core 50-100 reps

squat %
squat fsl
stiff leg deads 5x15
incline press 5x10
pull up 5x10

-what would you change? Also, with the assistance stuff how often do you tend to switch these movements out (provided it makes sense)? Is it just sort of when it stops working or when I get bored?

Looks good. Myself I don’t like 5s pro. Gets super boring for me. But alot of people do it. Assistance doesn’t matter just do it. If you’re new almost anything will work. As you get a little farther along you can start targeting weak points and such with it.

You’ll get bored long before it stops working.

Just make notes about how it’s working, nice and detailed so that you can tweak it every few cycles. If you feel it would help, post the log on here so you can get feedback.

Thanks both of you for the feedback.
@timcarpenter too be honest the whole 3/5/1 pr and widow maker looked fun. I’m no stranger to grinding but you just can’t compete with fun workouts! I’ll probably try it as an anchor down the road.

@dagill2 how long do you normally go before switching it up?

How long before you know what’s working, what isn’t? That depends on why you’re tweaking it. If the assistance you have planned is taking far longer than the time you can budget, you’ll know from session one and can change immediately. Other things may take longer to work out.


Got it. Thanks again!