5s Pro + FSL Anchor?

I have a little problem understanding 5s pro FSL leader and anchor. Leader is supposed to be higher volume and anchor - less volume, more intensity. I am doing 5s pro + FSL 5x5. If id want to do an anchor - any of the suggested ones, are not only higher intensity, but also either same or more volume. Lets say my anchor is 531 Original + FSL? So more reps on top set, same supp volume. Or do 5s pro + joker sets + FSL - again, more sets, more reps, same supp volume. It seems that 5s Pro FSL is the least intense and lowest volume plan, so the anchor just cant be even less volume?

Yeah. On p. 59 of Forever he says, “And it kind of flies in the face of my general rules for programming a Leader template” and he explains it there.

My understand of it is, using 2 Leaders / 1 Anchor as an example:
5’s PRO + 5x5 FSL as a Leader means you want to usually train not so hard, but then do a relatively harder Anchor to push yourself for 1 cycle.
5’s PRO + 5x5 FSL as an Anchor means you want to usually train relatively harder on the Leaders, but then do a relatively easier Anchor to back off a bit for 1 cycle.


This is very good opinion on how to look at this. Thanks :slight_smile: