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5s Pro, FSL 5x5

Successfully gaining strength and size from months of BBB. But now I’m thinking of trying 5s Pro because:

  • Bad left shoulder. Overhead press 50% x 10 x 5 can be too much for my shoulder sometimes. Chins, pullups, Kroc row sometimes gave me this tolerable pain too. There’s one time I have to stop lifting for a month due to my shoulder.
  • Bad left knee. Squats 50% x 10 x 5 can be too much for my knee. I tend to get tolerable pain after squats especially during cold weather and walking down stairs.

5x5 seems like the sweet spot for me. I’m the kind that love to superset my warm up, main lift and FSL 5x5 with assistance lift to save time. I train just to be strong and healthy, so PR isn’t something that bothered me. Since brisk walk is my only choice for conditioning, I walk at flat ground and running uphill 3 to 5km in the morning, Agile 8 and steps jump x 10 everyday. I don’t have jump box at home so I jump on steps as alternative.

Thinking of training setup as below:

Bench press 5s Pro
FSL 5x5
Dumbbell snatch x 10 x 5
Incline dumbbell press x 10 x 5
Dumbbell shrug x 10 x 5

Squat 5s Pro
FSL 5x5
Ab-wheel rollout x 10 x 5
Yates row x 10 x 5
Dumbbell bench press x 10 x 5

Overhead press 5s Pro
FSL 5x5
Single leg box squat/ single leg deadlift x 10 x 5
Close grip bench press x 10 x 5
Biceps dumbbell curl x 10 x 5

Deadlift 5s Pro
FSL 5x5
Good morning x 10 x 5
Incline dumbbell press x 10 x 5
Dumbbell row x 10 x 5

Can this routine get your seal of approval?

Another thing. Due to the newborn baby I planned to spend more time with family. Any suggestion for 3 days template where I can hit all main lift on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? Or should I just stay with 3 days a week like in the 2nd Edition?

1000% awesome.

Sorry but may I know what’s with the awesomeness? It’s that not doable?

It’s a 3-day template that hits all of the major lifts.

You mean choose from the 11 “Training Templates for Beyond 5/3/1 Training Program” at page 40?

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. It’s one of the templates in the Forever book. I don’t remember what page it’s on.

It might have been in beyond. I don’t remember.

Thank you, and no wonder. I don’t have the Forever yet because the shipping to Asia is very expensive. I guess not much choice then. BTW, is my 4 days template is okay?

Ya, it’s not in beyond I just checked. It’s sorta similar to full body, full boring, but you don’t deadlift every day and you press as well.

I don’t like to comment on templates people create themselves.

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You’re assistance lifts are all “wrong”. What I mean is that it’s not 531 the program. Which is fine. But most (maybe all, but I’m not that into it to know every single program) programs look like this

Main Lift 5/5/5
Supplemental 5x5
Push movement 50-100reps
Pull movement 50-100
Single leg OR Abs 50-100reps

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Thank you for the clarification.

Well, correct me then because I thought I got it covered. I might missed something.

Main lift 5/5/5
Supplemental 5/5/5/5/5

  1. Push:
    Incline DB press
    DB bench press
    Close grip bench press

  2. Pull:
    DB shrugs
    Yates row
    Biceps DB curl
    DB row

  3. Single leg OR abs:
    DB snatch (is this okay, or replace with hanging knee raise?)
    Ab-wheel roll out
    Single leg box squat (I can’t do single leg squat, but single leg deadlift is more tolerable)
    Good morning

The most absolute massive glaring thing in this “workout” is that you state one thing: “have a kid on the way” yet none of your training reflects it. Especially your assistance work. So don’t plan your assistance, pick way better movements to suit your situation and drop to 3 days/week (repeat a lift every 9 days).

Also, program better. This is a “workout”, not a long term, effective program. Since you don’t have the Forever book, I’ve written dozens of real world PROGRAMS on this very forum.

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Close grip bench is a supplemental movement, not assistance. If you wanted to use it, it would need to be in place of say, your bench fsl work.

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You’re right, I noted that I spent more time with 5s Pro and FSL compared to BBB. I’ll search for the program in the forum first.

Ah, thank you for the clarification. I only have barbell and dumbbell at home and triceps extension give me a weird elbow pain, that’s why I pick close grip BP to strengthen my triceps.

I guess reading Forever is the only way to answer all my question.