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5s PRO FSL 5x5 Assistance

My main goal is Strength & Muscle, before comments I have the calories down and I’m also trying not to major in the minors, I just wan the assistance work to assist in getting stronger and bigger. With all that said please let me know if I need to adjust anything below.

Squat 5s PRO FSL 5x5
AB Wheel 50 reps
DB Bench 50 Reps
Pull Ups 50 Reps

OHP 5s PRO FSL 5x5 (SS w/ 50 Rows)
DB squat 50 Reps
Dips 50 Reps
Curls 50 Reps

Deadlift 5s PRO FSL 5x5
AB Wheel 50 Reps
Incline DB Press
Pull Up 50 Reps

Bench Press 5s PRO FSL 5x5 (SS w/ 50 Rows)
KB Swing 50 Reps
Push Ups or Dips 50 Reps
Curls 50 Reps

No lower body assistance outside of ab work?

When it comes to assistance just be honest with yourself about the movement. If the movement you’re preforming doesn’t help get you stronger don’t do it. Only you can answer that question.

I have to DB Squat and KB Swings both are Lower Body movements?

Wendler mentions single leg/core so it might be better to change dumbbell squats with Bulgarian split squats or single legged leg press or other leg isolation movements.

This looks fine. Also, I disagree with the above poster about swapping out DB squats with lunges - keep the DB squats.

Your main lift is not too taxing, assuming you choose a correct TM, so that will allow you to also push the assistance pretty hard.

Some notes:

  1. don’t be afraid to do 100 KB swings. For a movement like that, 50 is a low number.
  2. Add weight to dips and pull ups if you can. Not a lot, but if you can get 10 clean pull ups with +25 lbs, do it.
  3. Feel free to do the assistance as a circuit. It will improve conditioning if that is a goal.
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Easy lower body assistance: sled drags. Westside popularized them, with good reason. Louie Simmons swears that he got stronger off sled drags then he did from barbell training (a bit of an exaggeration, I’m sure; but it speaks to the power of sled work). I’ve been neglecting sled drags for months.

Thanks for the feedback.

Should I also do the DB Squat with 100 Reps?
I can do at least 15 Reps of Dips with 25 lbs each set so I’ll add weight for that and the chin up.

My TM is between 80-85% for each lift.

I would personally keep the rep range at 50 (5x10) for the DB squat, but with 5 PRO’s and FSL you can push the weight and use an ~85 lb DB (adjust for size and strength). I wouldn’t go too much heavier than that for an assistance move.

How I would set a day up: (using your DL day as an example)

  1. Do a warm up/mobility sequence.
  2. Do jumps or throws between your first 3 progressively heavier warm up lifts on the DL.
  3. Do your main working percentages on the DL (5’s PRO)
  4. For your FSL 5x5 on DL, superset those with 5x10 pull ups.
  5. Finally, superset your 5x10 DB inclines with 5x10 ab roll outs.

Sorry I missed the dB squats man. I still stand by my point. DB squats, lunges, whatever. It doesn’t matter. The amount of reps and weight don’t matter. The whole point is to use assistance to help drive the main lifts. You may get a stronger squat off of 5x10 dB squats. Somebody else may get stronger off of 5x20 dB squats. That’s why there’s some play in how much programming you do. I think what you have makes sense. The important part is to know your body and how to improve it.

I agree that’s why I have DB Squats for Quads and KB Swings for Hams and Glutes to help improve my Squat and DL numbers along with AB work to help with my core for the Squat and DL. I got the Dips and DB presses to help improve my OHP and Bench and the rows for DL