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5s Pro for Assistance

Hi everyone sorry for the silly question but I’m looking into using 5s pro for my pain supplemental lifts after the core lift .
My question is , say I’m using SL deads after my deadlift as main assistance . How do you guys get the starting weight for the 5s pro ? Do I go in and do a rep max then use the 1rm formula to get my estimated max then program from there ?
Apologies if this has been discussed .
Thank you all

Yes. You have to get a very estimated max. If you are strong enough to do SLDL for 5’s PRO, you should already know how to manipulate the TM based on experience. If not, I would not recommend it. I would recommend 3x10 with around 30% of your DL. Way too many people screw up this movement.

Thanks very much for the reply and advice Jim .
I have your beyond book , best training resource imo.
May I ask what lifts you would consider good to use for 5s pro as supplemental movement ?
Thank you

SS Bar Squat, incline press, box squat, front squat, deficit pulls - just the normal shit.

If you want to do SLDL, I was looking through some old notes I had. Use your bench numbers. Do 10/5/10+ for each week. Very easy to do.

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Thank you for the info Jim .