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5s Pro + BBB Variation 2


Jim, am i way off if i would do a couple of cycles with 5s pro for main lift then use the bbb variation 2 from beyond? 5x10, 5x8 and finally 5x5 @ fsl.


Btw, is there any other percentage you would recommend for the bbb sets if main sets are done with 5s pro?


Arvid - we don’t do that anymore nor do I recommend it.

We stick with Leaders/Anchor programs that allow for continued strength/size and allow us to program every area of training with respect to the other.

So you’d do BBB for 2 cycles with 5’s PRO. The % is based on your training level - obviously the more experienced you are, the lower the %.

Anchor would be 1 cycle of PR sets and limited supplemental work.


Thanks Jim! As a former member of your private forum i know about leader / anchor. As soon as my work situation clears up i will be a member again.
Question, how would i set this up as 3 days per week? Rolling with a 4 day template or do deads and press same day?


Do an A/B/C - D/A/B - C/D/A style of programming. Seems to work a little better for majority of people.