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5's PRO and the Rule of Ten

Mr. Wendler,
Is it advisable to use 5’s PRO with the Rule of Ten?
Would you cap that last set at 5 and then make up the difference on the subsequent set(s)? or go for a PR then make up the rest on the subsequent set(s)?

5’ pro is capping all sets and reps at 5 and then move on to supplemental exercise.

So the rule of ten is up to you actually.

You could do 10 singles if you like.
Or the way you descipes it, but I don’t think capping at 5 would be 5’s pro.
Maybe put a time limit on them, to push yourself a bit.

Thanks mortdk.

That makes sense. Not sure why I’ve been over analyzing this. Will try it and assess.

You could just do the Rhodes 5x5/3/1 variation.

I don’t think the Rhodes 5x531 is found on T-nation, it’s only on Jim’s site or in the forever book.
I’ve searched this site, and it’s briefly touched in a couple of threads.
But you have to ask Jim to spell it out.