5s PRO and Rep PRs

Hi Jim,

Would you give your stamp of approval for this 5 cycle template to be used long term to build strength and break rep pr’s?

Cycles 1-3: 5’s PRO + 5x5 FSL
Cycles 4-5: Rep PR’s + 3x5 FSL


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Sorry but I can’t figure out all the abbreviations, can you explain 5 PROs?


5’s progression - you do 5 reps (no more) for all 5/3/1 sets
FSL - First set last

week 1
65% x5
75% x5
85% x5

week 2

70% x5
80% x5
90% x5

week 3

75% x5
85% x5
95% x5

Thanks I guessed it was 5s progression. I was tempted to try it too, with a new conservative TM as would struggle doing 5 reps on the 1+ set.

The 5 forward, 3 back, could you explain that too if you are aware of it? thanks.

You got it. Make sure you are doing/programming the other shit too (assistance/conditioning, etc).

5 forward 3 back


reset 3 back


5’s PRO is great. Bear in mind you should always be able to do 5 strong reps on your 95% + 1 day. A while ago I was wondering why my press wasnt progressing. Should have known the reason. I was barely getting 2 reps on 95% day, programmed too high TM. Reset Training Max to 85% and rep pr’s started coming again.

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Thanks, I will be trying this soon then. Good luck with your results, post back let us know how it worked for you.

This is really fantastic! Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Tudor Bompa and Mike Stone have been making my head spin for years.