5's Pro and a PR Set

Hey guys,
I’ve been running 5’s PRO + FSL for some time, and I found great progress, but my friend told Ive been training wrong and misunderstood the 5’s pro approach.

That is because I would still push for a PR set. TBH, the benefit of the 5’s pro for me personally, was that the reps were always 5s (except the PR set, which I love), however now that I re-read the 5’s pro article in the Beyond book, its purpose is so that you do not go for a PR set.

What is your take on 5’s pro and PR set ? Go or no go ?

These days Jim says 5’s pro and FSL 5x5 is the shit.
That is because the load and intensity is very easy to track.
BUT I have tried it for a 3 or 4 cycles this spring and I don’t like it, feels like I am loosing strength fast.
So for me it’s PR sets and I love it.
I have done some kind of 5’s pro, capping the 5’s week at 8, 3’s week at 6 and 531 week at 5 or a pr set at 5 - 7.
Then FSL for a couple of sets at 5 - 8 with the last going for a PR.
NOT a wendler template but close enogh, I think I am following the principles doing something I like.