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5Pro Plan Question


Brand new here but have been using 5/3/1 since the first book came out.

I’m mid-30’s, lifting since I was fifteen, wrestled in college, lifting heavy ever since

I have some life stuff limiting my time in the gym to about an hour (including changing/warm-up), so my goal is to stay about where I’m at for a couple months.

5Pro seems like the best choice: get in, get out, don’t put a lot of volume on myself at a time when I’m not looking for specific gains.

Day 1: Bench Press (5) then Deadlift (5); Chinups + jump rope
Day 2: Squat (5) then Overhead Press (5); Jumps + sled pull
Day 3: weight vest walk
Day 4: Bench Press (3) then Pullups; 1-arm row + jump rope
Day 5: Squat (3) then Overhead Press (3); hill sprints
Day 6: 2-mile run + weight vest walk
Day 7: Off

Day 1: Bench Press (5/3/1) then Deadlift (3); Chinups + jump rope

I’ve found that doing deadlift heavy more than once per week causes problems for me sooner or later. Maybe I’m a big pussy or whatever. The idea is that I’ll just keep a simple rotation with the big movements, get in plenty of jumps, running, and pullups, and then swap out of it when I have more time.

I usually lift on a similar schedule of 4 days of lifts, two days of longer, slow cardio, one day off, but in the past each day is one of the major lifts + FSL or BBB or whatever.


Hey mate not jim wendler but you can use both 5 pro and 531. For cycles 1-2 use 5 pro and bbb then for cycles 3-5 go for rep pr’s and fsl. Throw some jokers in on cycle 5 on the 3 and 1 weeks then reset back 3 and run it again. For bbb i like to use variations that i suck at. Also for fsl deads try doing triples instead of 5’s.