.5ml Syringe Dosage Chart?

Is there a chart for figuring out the dosage for the .5 syrings?

trying to figure out how much to fill on a 100mg of cyp a week in two dosages, and 250iu of HCG eod.

i swear a seen a chart around here before but its been a long time since ive been here due to work.

I am switching from 1ml to .5ml, TIA

I found it. Used the wrong search words.

If T is 200mg/ml, inject 1/4ml twice a week.
.25ml X 2 X 200mg/ml = 100mg

If hCG is 1000iu/ml, inject 1/4ml or “25” on an insulin syringe.
.25ml X 1000iu/ml = 250iu

You do not need a chart.

Thank you.

This is what i was looking for, i knew you had posted this before but i couldn’t find it for some odd reason.

Appreciate the help.