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5lb protein canister... good quality?


I would like to know if the protein sold on 5lb canisters is of good quality. I mean, it is so cheap, can it really be good?


Same shit, different package. If the protein brand is crap, don’t expect either the large or small containers to be good. That having been said, if a brand has a quality small container, they will put the exact same powder in the large containers…

if it doesnt upset your stomach than its fine for you, go get it. if one protein claims to be 500% better, do you really think you’ll get 500% more gains? no its just marketing

Read the “Protein Insider” article on t-mag to get a better answer to your question.

I use those, Vitamin World’s giant jigs of Whey. Use it after workouts, mix it with oatmeal for breakfast, and have a couple of scoops with natural peanut butter before bed. Of course when I have the money, I use better stuff for some of the ‘feedings’, but let’s face it, it gets costly when you’re trying to get so many grams of protein a day… Bottom line, once you go above a gram per lb bodyweight, quantity is what you need. When I’m cutting, I’ll use Grow which has casein as the main prot. source before bed.