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5iu Humalog Pre Workout

A little while back there were a couple guys including myself interested in starting to use insulin; I have everything lined up and ready to start in the next week or 2. So, I thought I would outline my protocol and keep a little log through the first 4 week cycle.

Protocol Key Points:

  • 5iu Humalog pinned 20mins pre workout.
  • Using slin every training day on 4 weeks on 4 weeks off rotation through blasts and cruises. May change this to every training day through cruise and not through blasts.
  • Replaced breakfast oatmeal and second meal of the day carbs with fats, instead placing those carbs in an intra workout shake: This should eliminate fat gain as I am not consuming more carbs than I already need.
  • Intra workout shake will be made up of: 75g Cylic Dextrin, 25g Whey Hydrosolate, 25g BCAAS, 5g Creatine Monohydrate.
  • These ingredients should not be switched for any other source as they are all pre-digested and do not effect the absorbtion of one another… Using a more complete source of protein (eg whey isolate) or carb (eg dextrose) may result in going hypo! Peptopro would be a slighter higher quality source of protein however.
  • Post workout meal containing 75g Carbs from white Basmati Rice and plain chicken breast cosumed 45 mins after workout. (With more experience I have the option to add a second 5iu Humalog shot 15mins before this meal also)
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Looks good to me. It is a similar layout to what I have seen others use. Currently I use it post workout at 10iu.

I would be interested to know your reasoning for stating whey isolate and dextrose would make you go hypoglycemic though? I use solely isolate and dextrose occasionally when I am not coming home and jab it in the gym. Have always been fine and it is something I have not heard of before.

So, reasoning for pre workout use is that this is the most effective window for slin use in my opinion; increase in pump and fueling muscles intra workout. I do not see the point in using it outside of the workout window and have switched carbs out for fats in other meals of the day. Dave Palumbo highly recomends similar diets.

As for the ingredients, they are pre-digested; when using a fast acting slin you want your carbs to get into your blood as quick as possible. Cylic dextrin is quicker to digest and absorb then Dextrose. Dextrose can also make you feel bloated and full during a workout which isnt great. Complete proteins will slow the absorbtion rate of the carbs even further, so again choosing a pre digested state is optimal.

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I use it solely for it’s recovery properties. I mostly stick with heavy lifting, so post workout is fine for me. Switching out the carbs for fats is what I also do. Best way around it.

I will look into this though and consider switching, some interesting information. Cheers.

Everyone has their own opinion on when is the best time to use insulin, if at all, which I find very interesting along with all other aas/ped topics… However, I just dont see the benefit of using it post workout over using your own natural insulin and a post workout shake… I do see the benifit to using it more times per day on top of pre workout if you are at the level and have the mass to warrant the amount if carbs though.

And as a side note, if you have fueled your muscles with nutrients peri workout and reaped the rewards from an insane pump too, then I deffinitley do not see any benefit or need for a post workout insulin spike…

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As stated, it aids in recovery… but like you said everybody has their own opinions, mostly based on what they find works for them, I prefer it post workout after trying both, this is simply my preference. I eat around 60% of my daily calories within the 4 hour window after my shot, so I am defiantly seeing the benefit from it.

Each to their own.

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hows the gains been, weight gain, anything good to report?

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Havent started it yet mate… Waiting for shake ingredients to arrive and will start on last week or 2 of blast (next week) and carry on through cruise, cycling the slin on 4 weeks on 4 weeks off rotations.

oh shit, my bad keep us updated man

Started today as everything arrived and a buddy gave me a 100iu Humalog pen…

Felt very bloated which I think was due to being abit behind on meals and fitting them
in a smaller time frame but on the whole went very well with no signs of any notorious slin use problems!

I look forward to seeing how it feels on a slighly lighter stomach and will also dilute my intra workout shake into 1.5ltrs as apposed to 2 shaker cups to lessen the sicklyness!

what did you feel intra workout? pumps? strength? how was your workuout intensity

I felt more like I had taken a pre workout… Ive never drank carbs intra workout so it could be just the fact I was sipping on pretty much pure glucose and excited from usung slin for the first time, but my energy levels seemed raised anyway and yeh obviously pretty pumped too.

Need to try a few times to really tell what is placebo/mood and what is the slin but overall im glad the first time use shows that if you have everything in place it is pretty safe.

2 things I deffinitley need to make sure I stick to is; eat pre workout meal 60-45 mins before and not >30 minutes, as I was very bloated and that was made even worse by swapping out some cylic dextrin for dextrose in the shake, I felt burpy and full after every sip… So as said in previous posts the more expensive cylic dextrin is pre digested and lighter on the stomach that dextrose.

Glad everything worked out ok the first time. Though I don’t see slin in my future, I will be following this thread closely.

I thought I would never use it until very recently I just thought fuck it, lets research it thoroughly and really understand how it works… My main reason for wanting to try it and put a seemingly very safe protocol into action is becuase I can see the benifits of using slin as a maintenance tool for periods where I may have to stop using AAS. The next stage would be to add 1 iu of HGH AM, Pre workout with slin shot and post workout - with potentially another 5iu slin shot post workout too, prior to post wo meal. The synergistic properties of hgh/igf1 and slin make using slin even more beneficial.

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do you think slin would be synergistic with peptides?

Peptides is also an area I havent really looked into yet… They arent so well known/popular in the UK.

IGF-1 is the daddy when it comes down to working with slin and nutrients; pure IGF-1 would be awesome but due to cost and availability this is where gh could be used to stimulate/create more IGF-1… I need to look into this so I have a better understandinfg.

I totally get your reasoning here and you’ve obviously put plenty of thought and research into it. Probably still doesn’t apply to me since I’m on 210mg of test for TRT and don’t see that changing. If I can’t maintain on 210 year round then I have no business using anything, haha!

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yeah legit igf 1 comes at pharma grade igf is like 5 grand because only one company has a patent for it, you can get research grade but its not the same lol, I was more thinking ghrp, combined with a GHRH, apparently at high enough of doses, if legit cure can drive your IGF score up pretty good, I got a question though does insulin raise IGF or just make better use of it?

watch you don’t get a turtle shell, Andy! Haha.

Palumboism’s a bitch!


you really think thats from slin and gh?