5AA a anti estorgen?????? Bill?

This is for BIll Roberst or any of you that might know. Question is that there is at least two other company’s promoting this supplement as a anti estorgen. IT is 5AA which is the Alphs version of 5 andro. This seems to be another crapy supp, but there is quite a following with both company’s I have read about and they are not linked in any way. What is your take on this. Thanks

This DHT metabolite is a nasty compound in that it has a particular implication with regard to
male pattern baldness – this metabolite of DHT is probably why DHT is a particular culprit there, rather than anything regarding DHT itself – and is also potent in increasing prostate size, while ineffective at increasing muscle size. At some level in the blood it
would have at least some effectiveness as an antiaromatase, but whether this is so from oral use I don’t know. In any case, I wouldn’t use it.