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59-Year Old Lifter Makes FB Team

 Flynt returned to Sul Ross State this month, 37 years after he left and six years before he goes on Medicare. His comeback peaked Thursday with the coach saying he's made the Division III team's roster. He could be in action as soon as Sept. 1.

A longtime strength and conditioning coach at Nebraska, Oregon and Texas A&M, he's spent the last several years selling the Powerbase training system he invented.

Flynt's position is still being determined, but he used to play linebacker. Wherever he lines up, he'll likely become the oldest player in college football history. Neither the NCAA or NAIA keeps such a statistic, but research hasn't turned up anyone older than their mid-40s. And even those are rare, for obvious reasons.

"People have asked me, `Mike, what is the fountain of youth?' Well, it's strength training that builds muscle, increases bone density and burns calories," he said. "It's the one thing you can do in your 90s and benefit from."


I just tried to post this. Very cool.


Runs a five flat? No way.


found a pic...


I love threads like this.


Yeah. I hope he rocks all the young guys. hehehe. Hopefully he'll at least play. A flat 5 40 yard dash is pretty darn impressive at 59. And I think that speed will probably be competitive for div 3.


I think T-Nation ought to reach out to Flynt for an interview.


I just read the article and came straight to this site to see if it had posted yet.

Does anyone on this site know this guy? Looks like he's been a significant participant in strength conditioning training.


I graduated from Sul Ross.

Go Lobos.


I read where he has been a D-1 S&C coach for the last 20 or so years, so he knows his way around a gym. Anxious to see what happens.


Sul Ross has an accounting department? Even stranger, they had one 30 years ago?


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am i the only one... altimus, whats up with the avitar? seems a little umm...sick

just say'in


I didn't get an accounting degree there. I don't know about 30 years ago, but they had a Business College there 17 years ago.


Yes, they do have a business administration program, I was surprised to hear they had accounting, but it makes sense if you got it elsewhere.


They have a business college. That means they offer an entire array of business degrees like marketing, management and accounting, among others.

But this has nothing to do with the original topic.




Judging by the number he is wearing looks like he's a back of some sort.....dam!

Reminds me of the scene in the Ty Cobb movie with Tommy Lee Jones.

Reporter: Mr. Cobb you hit a lifetime 400, how do you think you'd do against today's modern pitchers?

Ty Cobb: Well these pitchers today are pretty good. I'd probably only be able to hit 300 agains them...but I'm 76 Goddam years old now!


Update from a press release on the Sul Ross website. Sounds like Flynt isn't immune to injury:


Mr. Flynt is an inspirational figure. I myslef hope to be able to walk properly at 59 much less play football at any level. The fact that he can even contemplate this makes him a gleaming example for all in the Strength training community.

Like some of the others comment I would love to see a T-Nation invterview of this guy, even though it would make me feel lazy and pathetic.