5'9", 220lbs. First Cycle: Sustanon 450?

Advice on Sustanon 450 cycle for beginner?

26 years of age
Training for over 8years

Just like a bit more input from the more experienced.

Thank you

What kind of advice are you looking for?

Mainly dosage,

What I’ve received is Sustanon 450 & what would be the best dosage/cycle for this particular gear.

That depends on your goals and current level. Write your best lifts and post a few pics. Dosage depends on those factors.

If he’s never cycled before would the same basic advice of start slow and leave room for growth not apply here? Regardless of physique or lifts?

Well, the thing is that the basic advice is also a bit shitty.
For example, knowing what i know now based on my experience, i wouldnt ever advice 500mgs of test for a first cycle. I was on 250 for a while and now i upped to 385 and i feel like supercharged. My strenght is up, my weight goes slowly up without even stuffing myself so much, etc. Sure, insulin might be doing some of the work, but then again i am over 260lbs so i would believe that the same dosage without slin would be more than enough as a starter for someone who is 200lbs.
Also, the dude might be 180lbs, ripped, looking like he ALREADY is on gear, and deadlifting more than is my lifetime goal - then i believe with such genetics, even 250mgs would be enough.
Someone who is strong but looks like shit - yea, maybe 500. Depending on lifts and pics, maybe NONE is required.
I wish i knew about 531 and eating CALORIES not only protein, when i was 18 and started steroids. Im sure i could have gotten much bigger and stronger without drugs.

I would be advicing people to do what i would do myself i could pass my todays experience to a 15 year old me.

I’ve been wrong before occasionally, but I am guessing you need to lose fat before doing a cycle. This is quite large for a natural of your height if lean (well if lean, it is huge). Here is Ronnie at about 225 lbs at 5’11".


Post a body pic with some lift numbers. I have a feeling, that you need to get down to at a minimum 190 lbs before doing a cycle.


and ben is right again…

@Unkno999 you need a diet and a gooooood fatloss. Unless what you want is to weight even more and be even more bloated.
You can lose a shitton on weight. Id say - good 50lbs at least, man. You have work to do for 6-9 months before considering steroids.

450mg/mL? Painful shots

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How long has it been since you have weighed yourself? Not trying to be a dick, but you look bigger than 220 lbs. I say that because it appears to me like you have muscle on your frame too. I’d guess you were 240-250 lbs here.

Do you train legs? I ask, cause I was 230 lbs as a natural, and probably 25-30% BF at 5’10", I had muscle, but my torso was quite a bit smaller. I think if I was 230 lbs and didn’t train legs that my torso would be about where your torso is at. It looks like you had a similar amount of muscle mass on the upper body as I did at the time, but hard to tell with the fat covering it up.

But yeah, if that actually is 220 lbs, I think you need to shoot for a lot of weight loss before using gear (unless you are going for strongman or heavyweight powerlifting, which is fine too). As Hank said, it might be 40-50 lbs.

Edit: I’d like to commend you for actually posting a picture. Most do not post a pic when asked. Takes guts my man. Keep in mind, many of us here were in a similar spot at one point (at least I was).


Unfortunately it’s the one I received, I’ll lose some weight and then go from there I think

Just in general, for Test, the standard for Test E is 250 mg/mL, and Test C is normally 200 mg/mL. I wouldn’t mess around with concentrations higher than 300 mg/mL (if it was Test E), and 250 mg/mL if Test C. They hurt a lot more. Test E 250 mg/mL I get 0 PIP.

Additionally, Sustanon is unnecessary and is actually harder to manage compared to Test E or C. Just go with one of those. Results will be the same, but you will save some money and potentially complications.

In total agreement with those that have suggested ‘diet first’. That’s the best way to approach this. My advice is for later, when you might be thinking about going this route again…

That’s a bad situation to be in. I’m going to be intentionally vague here for obvious reasons, but you need to figure out a way/source such that you don’t just ‘get whatever someone gives you.’ You know what I mean? There should be a menu for you to choose specifically what you want when you make purchases. Clearly you’re not buying pharmacy stuff from someone you know who just has it. So if you’re already going through a UGL, you should be able to pick exactly what you want. I’m guessing there’s probably a middle man involved here that either needs to be removed from the transaction, or you need to be more specific with him in the future with what you want.

Hope that helps.

Thank you everyone for the replies it’s greatly appreciated, I think my main problem is struggling to find a source for the gear.

That’s a problem which won’t be solved in any way, shape, or form on this site. As I said in the email I sent you this morning, we don’t discuss sources or brands.

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I can verify this statement personally

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I’m late to the party but maaan I can’t believe this… are people so stupidly naive or something, this dude obviously has no experience with anything fitness related or else he would not look significantly overweight.

WTF are you thinking OP??? no diet, no discipline, no motivation to do the work and take steroids on top of that?

Here’s the reality - steroids do help you PUSH yourself harder, they don’t do the work for you and if you think otherwise you will bloat like balloon and look like a cow if you take testosterone, you will retain so much water your blood pressure most likely will be sky high, you might have huge problems with estrogen being this overweight (gyno is quite possible for you).

Even if you gain some lbm, what’s your plan? You didn’t even mention if you’re gonna cut on cycle, bulk, recomp or whatever is that you’re dreaming of IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

So do this instead get your ass on aggressive calorie deficit it will melt off assuming your thyroid is ok, the more fat you have to lose the faster it will happen (at first) you’re likely 35% body fat and significantly overweight. If you think you have lots of muscle then you will think twice when you get down to about 15%. Also keep training and train with some routine that is proven to work for example 5x5, don’t half ass it either. Last word - learn to f* diet!