5'9, 189 Pounds at 18 Years Old

hey guys whats up this is me at 18 years old tell me what u think. I have competed once in a local show and would like to keep competing. I dont currently have wheel pics but i will get some soon. Ill greatly appreciate any input! Thanks.

back pic

back relaxed position

Your back looks super thick, probably a little more lat width can help balance it out to make you look even better. your shoulders also look pretty good compared to your chest/bi’s but I think you can use a larger chest.

These are things im trying to help you with, im not saying anything is bad at all. amazing physique for an 18 year old though…

What kind of movements do you do for your back?

side chest pose

thanks man i appreciate it, actually i need a little more thickness in my upper back that ive been working on but my lat width is very good since i have wide clavicles so width in back and shoulders is not a problem which also gives me the v-taper. yea im working alot more on the thickness of my chest since its so wide. For back i do the basic barbell row lat pull downs dumbell rows seated rows. But i really really focus on the squeeze and contraction and try to visualize the back muscles being worked.

Yeah im looking back at the photos, after reading what you said…I dont know why I mentioned lat width, and i pictures you with more muscle in your upper back and it looked good, your right. Do you ever do face pulls/military press shrugs or batwings? let me know if you dont know what those are, i dont need to do much else for my traps/rhomboids/rear delts

yea i know what those are. I do face pulls and also i do seated rows with the wide lat pulldown bar pulled into the sternum and squeeze the shoulder blades tight

In your hub it says you are 25, in your last post on the bulking cycle steroid thread you said you were 23… Next time you lie try covering your tracks a little better

im really 18 i just didnt want to be biased on advice because of my age.


189lbs? i dunno about that… unless your wheels are for a little red wagon
i’m 194

yea ill admit my wheels do need some work on but they are definantley coming up. i serperate quads and hams and calves and i work them each both twice a week i feel this is what works for me.

189 at 5’9 is more than a solid weight for an 18 year old…haha

haha my goal is to get to 200 by the time im 19 most of the weight in my legs tho

WHat area do you live in? try not to plan on gaining all 11 pounds in the legs though, youll probably stop around 194…5 pounds of glycogen and Lean body weight in the lower body will make a huge difference in the way they look

I think deadlifting would be awesome for you

thanks for the advice man. i live in irvine ca