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5'9 168 Lbs 21 Yrs Old





diet is high super high carbs on training days, about half that on non-training days. protein floats between 150-210g daily. doing a thibs training plan 4 days a week.


64 views and no votes/comments? come on people lol




This is a bodybuilding website. If you post pics of youself and you're not near 200lbs and over in RMP you won't get much credit besides "hawt abs brah".

What are you trying to achieve in body image/ body weight?


My goal is to do a figure competition in the next 3 years. I've been doing solid programs and improving my physique for about 2 maybe 3 years now if memory serves. yes I know I have a lot to do lol, but I want to get it done before my 25th birthday. planning to do it clean so no roids


OMG look at that unholy mountain of muscle you call a body. Who are you kidding? We all see that you juice, and then some. You are the modern day Ronnie Coleman.


what do you mean super high carbs


Why no "roids"?


quads look good, especially the sweep.

Your upper body appears to be lagging behind your lower.

Your arms straight up suck. Start training them directly both biceps and triceps. Include an overhead extension movement for the long head but watch your elbows.

best of luck


More size. This may be a lil harsh, but your arms are pathetic man. Get to work on them!

quads are good.


Anyone can cheat on a test, but the people who actually do their work get to reap more reward.

Thanks, I had to stop overhead extensions for a while because my elbows were acting up but I started again on the program I do now.

Thanks, Tris have always been slow, working on those especially now.


lol.. so you are one of THOSE types..? :wink: I respect your point of view, but highly suspect that when you get out there and start competing..your mind will be changed very quickly.


I workout with two other 'all natural' bodybuilders who have competed and gotten their IFBB pro cards who have both done really well and now are moving on to CF. and they both looked like I did a few years ago so I know it's possible without the chemical assistance (as interesting as I find steroids to be)


Well kiddo, I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but if what you say is true, they are definitely on the sauce haha.

A "few years of natural training" isn't going to take you from where you are, to an IFBB pro (feel free to prove me wrong). Maybe IF you were a genetic freak..but I think we can tell by now that isn't the case.

They are probably just blowing rainbows up your ass because they don't want you to be discouraged..Don't get me wrong, Ill still be pullin' for you, but I'd be willing to bet it will be 3 competitions before you make the decision to cross over.


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My friend is on a cycle. He weighs 10 stone and has been training for 3 months. He is seeing next to no gains as his diet and training is pathetic.

he would not listen.


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Last time I checked figure competitions involve wearing a very sparkly bathingsuit and high heels. I could be wrong. You would do very well in a figure competition but no so much in a BB competition. Don't enter to just compete enter to win.


You're correct, poor word choice on my part. I've always thought of them as being the same thing for some reason not sure why. But yeah I meant BB comp


haha! good one...