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5'9'', 160, What Needs Most Work?


I've read the rules, I know i'm only 160lbs but what i'd like is some guidance on my weak areas and whatnot so I have some direction in future workouts.

I've been a sprinter for 4-5 years and stopped this August, now playing a bit of rugby and starting to let my body go so i've decided I want to be a lean 170lbs with no precise timeframe to it.


Height 5ft9 (177cm)
Weight 161lbs (73kg)
1RM Bench 242lbs (110kg)
1RM Deadlift 343lbs (156kg)
1RM Squat 334lbs (152kg)

Lifting for 8 years, focussed lifting 4 years

No idea what poses are right so i've done a mix, just realised I haven't got front double bi don't know how essential that is. Legs to follow


Oh and I do have biceps, that first pic makes it look like there's nothing there..


Don't think it worked first time. Right knee is swollen from rugby injury so don't pick me up on poor lower quad definition on that side.


You want to gain 10 pounds...
And become better at rugby I suppose?

Your back and arms jump out at me as needing the most improvement. If you had more goals than just the two I listed you may want to list them so people can give you more precise feedback. In general I would say you can add mass equally across your whole body and to shoot for as much as 20 pounds of LBM gain.

170 on a f'9" frame with 8% body fat is only going to give you 156.4 pounds of LBM.
190 on a 5'9" frame with 8% body fat will leave you with 174.8 pounds of LBM which will make a huge difference.


You look pretty well rounded. Legs shoulders and chest all look good. The back and traps could use some work, but all in all - pretty good. Add some mass and keep it even.


Lazer removal of that belly button tribal heart tattoo... thats what.


Don't get me started! £1100 to get it removed over 6 months and even then they couldn't promise it'd fully go. It looks acceptable when i'm cut and tanned, not much artwork looks good on a pale untoned stomach and a tramp stamp ain't helping.


hahaha I was just messing with you but you took it like a good sport. Yeah that stuff isnt too reliable yet unfortunately.