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585x3 Deadlift @ Age 16 (BW: 203lbs)


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thanks everybody


You are not weak.






nice lifting! good to see your squat and bench are solid too. What kind of EFS wrist wraps are you using and how do you like them? I'm going to place an order tomorrow for some


thanks everybody, i appreciate the comments

they are the EFS normal wrist wraps and i dont like them at all, lol. they are just a stretchy band basically, it doesnt provide wrist support at all. i've used the black super heavy wrist wrap and i liked those, much more stiffer and provided more support for me.


Very impressive indeed




Really impressive. Big ups!


thanks fellas... i appreciate the kind replies a ton !

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Damn dude nice lifts! I remember you from the meet this past April and you pulled less than that for a single IIRC, nice progress!


Nice pull!


cheers! I changed my order from the normal wrist wraps you have to the heavy wraps


Shit, now let me guess........starting strength?


just thought i'd give y'all a quick update!


What the hell did you do in the last 17 days?


Straps, doesn't count.

Sumo, doesn't count.

Not sanctioned, doesn't count.

Do you even lift?


Sweet lifts.

Mad jealous.


thanks fellas... no i dont lift, i just do p90x

i had more in me when i did 585, but all i really did was 1 heavy session (605x3), deloaded, then went to 615x3. this is probably my true 3RM


Don't forgot the little foam mats take approximately .05" off the dead-lift. Doesn't count.

But really, extremely impressive.