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585x2 Deadlift 17 Y.O.


lol here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvCz4dkG3hE&feature=channel_page


165lb 19 year old pulling 628 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptKmJLq9mes


Damn bro was that you?...Nice!


the second poster: wow I'm not here to compare lol!

Third poster: yeah, I'm bout 220lbs 6'3+


Just to clarify, that was NOT me.

It's Andrew Hollenbeck. Pretty sure he was the 2007 IPF subjunior world champ at 165. Absolutely incredible lifter who's just build perfectly for the sport. Sublime form in every lift too!


Time to work on the deadlift!

Hey Hanely, I just ordered a pair of farmers from elitefts about 30 minutes ago. I'll see how these help whenever they get here.


This is a shitload more impressive:

Double overhand.


suited sumo= easier, duh that kid someone else showed does way more sumo I saw a linking vid that said 500x1 convo or something like that.

EDIT: forgot to mention i was 55lbs heavier in the vid you posted.


Oh, I didnt know that was suited. silly me.


But what was impressive was the double overhand grip. Thats a shitload of weight to hold onto.


I did hook grip just so you know, lol.


Yeah, im so jealous of this kid. Same age, same weightclass, FREAKISH WEIGHTS. Not sure if he got it yet but I saw a CLOSE miss on a 400+ bench by him, and theres another one, Maliek Derstine(sp) totaling the same shit with age and weight....sucks dude lol


That's a great deadlift dude, I'm jealous as hell.


He's a great guy and lifter. We go to the same college and my roommate and I went to help him out at the Arnold this year.

He didn't have a good meet overall but he did pull 650 @ 165.


It's impressive you deadlift at 17.


a short person pulling sumo...that's almost not fair for us tall folks lol. His range of motion was a 1/10th of mine, I'm jealous!


Im pretty sure that was double overhand. A hook grip is where one of your palms is facing you, gripping the bar, and the other palm is away from you, gripping the bar.


What you describe is mixed grip...


Description from youtube "Didn't feel like liting today because my legs were sore. My upper back was also sore from baseball". Why do <20 year olds often feel the need to tell us these things? Regardless, if you did in fact dl 585 that's imrpessive, good job.


Maybe it's so when they look back on their vids 2 years from now they're able to remember and mitigating factors involved in the lift??