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585lb 3x3 Deadlift (Competing @ 181) 20lb PR

At Dan Green’s gym:

He told me to do some block pulls in addition to deficit pulls to work on my lockout weakness as I literally use mostly back (according to Dan Green). So I will do that!

8 Days out from my next meet.

Thanks for watching! This is a huge 20lb PR for me, 40lbs gained on the deadlift in about 4 months so I am proud and still hungry for a bigger deadlift!

Strong pulling, man! Just out of curiousity, what is the reason that you don’t fully lock out your hips on your rep work?

I know I’m going to sound like a smartass but I’m not trying to be, but if you have a lockout weakness why not lockout everything?

You are training at Dan Green’s gym… I’m so jealous!

Oh yeah, nice deadlifting. So he’s having you do block pulls so you don’t just use just back for the lockout. Anything else?