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585 Raw Bench for Reps, 635x2


Something Mark Bell just threw up on his facebook...wtf


Weak brah!!! He didn't touch hiz chests. Come on brah, do it right.

Seriously, that was F'ing impressive, raw not even a belt.


You joke but someone is thinking that very thing... o_O






The camera dude was annoying as fuck.

But damn that was fucking impressive!

Any one know his stats? w/h/a ?


God damn look at the size of those fucking arms. I think his forearms are the size of my legs.


According to Wikipedia:
1025 lb squat.
832 lb bench press.
722 lb deadlift.


I wanna do that one day.

the cam man was a douche


The camera guy sounds like Mark Bell.

So... yeah, not a douche.


Was thinking the same thing, but Chris Bell (his brother). Mark Bell was the guy lifting.

This guy used to post on this site for those who don't know.


He's a lot leaner here, haha.


Where can I get one of those Phat Farm bench shirts?


Beginning of the vid said "ST New Guy"

It's not Mark.


On 2nd look you're right, at first look I thought it looked exactly like Mark, haha.


All due respect but that Arnie comment was kinda corny.


Psh. The wrist wraps give him like, 200 lb each, EASILY.


LOL, the guy behind the camera is mark bell... I don't know what he was saying as my sound on my laptop is out, but he was probably just being his retarded self. He's far from a douchebag.

Anyway... that video doesn't do justice to how fucking GIGANTIC that guy was. His upper body made Marks look small.

I have no idea who he was, though.


sweet benchin. and i think mark bell is funny behind the camera!


damn that guy is HUGE


wow. strong as hell, but if he can't touch that weight in that single ply shirt, wonder how much it takes to touch in double ply?