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58 Wks Out from Show, 3 Wks into First Cycle

Hi all, I am currently 58 weeks out from my 2nd ever show, and I am currently 3 weeks into my first ever p.e.d cycle, I am currently working with 45mg dbol ed 250mg test e Monday morning and Thursday night and .25 adex e3d, I have gained 6 lbs of lean mass (based off of dexa scan) and gained a substantial amount of strength I will be on the dbol for 3 more weeks and the test for 6 more weeks. I am planning of running a pct and then jumping into 50-75mg of anadrol 400mg of deca and 500 test e with adex and caber on hand for 16 weeks then running another pct and finally for my 16 week prep I will be working with
200mg nandrolone decanate wk 1-10 (joint health)
400mg test e wk 1-10

400mg mast e wk 8-13
300mg test prop wk 10-15
60mg anavar. wk 8-16
50-75mg Winny wk 12-16
400mg mast prop wk 13-16
.25-.5mg adex wk 1-16
12.5-25mg aromasin. wk. 1-16
10-20mg nolva wk 8-16
.5-1 mg caber. wk 1-16
If anyone who is experienced could give feed back I would be enthralled, I’ve been studying on this for years and been helping friends with their prep protocols for a few years now and they’ve all done respectively. I am thinking that it almost seems like a lot but I have been exposed to individuals taking triple this with diminished results, there for I am curious to see where I fall with low dosages and practically applications.
My stats for those who are concerned:
Height: 5’9.5
Weight: 220.2 (lean mass 189 based on dexa)
Bench: 445
Squat: 635
Dead: 585
Mill press: 245
Thanks all!

Can you give a better breakdown of the timeline? I’m trying to get an idea of when a cycle ends, when a pct ends, when the next cycle begins, etc. That might help us understand the layout and whether or not you’re using too much, too little, or just right.

Right off the bat I’m worried about cycle #2, which is anadrol, deca, and test. The potential mystery gyno from anadrol combined with deca could be tough to manage if you’re one of the unlucky ones who gets those issues. I’d be more cautious about how to approach that particular combination. Just my 2¢.

Thank you yuppie, cycle 1 ends on Thursday June 20, pct starts July 5th, cycle2 starts on August 15 and ends on December 19 then pct starts January 2 and prep begins on February 29 with my show being June 17th. My 2nd cycle is anadrol from week 6-12 and I will have my adex and cabergolin on hand so that Incase that does happen I will have a way to combat it and if it really gets bad then I will discontinue anadrol and continue with anavar for mitigated effects.

Can you post your cold picture and dexa scan results

Really appreciate that