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5'8", 250, 21 Yr Old Strongman Competitor. First Cycle?

To whomever it may concern,
I wish to start this thread off by thanking you for clicking on another one of the “first cycle” threads. I have been lurking on these threads for a while and reading all of the different opinions and/or comments and I know it seems like everyone is always asking for advice without first putting in time to conduct research themselves. Hopefully, that won’t be the case here.

About me: I am 21, about to turn 22 (Yes, young in some of your eyes but at least hear me out). I have done a lot of reading and watching of videos made by those who have much more knowledge than I, and I was hoping I could bounce my plan off of those of you who are much more experienced and knowledgeable. In terms on “stats” I am 5’ 8, 250lbs and by no means do I have a six-pack, however I wouldn’t consider myself fat either. All throughout high-school nd now into college the gym has been my life. I don’t go out drinking and partying like the proto-typical millennial my age, and I have not missed a scheduled workout in over a year. I currently compete in strongman and I have hopes and dreams of taking it to the worlds stage. Am I crazy? Possibly, but I would rather try and fail, as opposed to not try at all. In the interest of this, I am not naïve and know that in order to make it that far drugs are a necessary course of action.

With that being said, I have planned out a 10 week Test C cycle, that goes as follows:
Week 1: Monday & Thursday 500mg Each (as a ramp up)
Weeks 2 - 10: Monday & Thursday 250mg Each, also start taking Arimidex at .5 every other day (adjust as necessary)
Week 11 and 12: Continue Arimidex during week 11 if needed, however this is yet to be set in stone as it depends on how my body reacts.
PCT will start after week 12 and will consist of Clomid on a 100/50/25 split. This means Clomid will be dosed at 100mg for 11 days, 50mg for 10 days, and 25mg for 7 days.

In regards to the PCT, I have read many conflicting things about what and what not do, and therefore any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, if you made it thus far I would like to thank you for taking the time to read all of this. I would also encourage you to speak your mind, whether that be in a negative or positive light as we all can learn from one other. Thanks again.

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You are either 50-60 lbs over weight or you are already a professional bodybuilder and have ran multiple cycles.

Big Ramy is 5’10" 300lbns
Jay Cutler 5’10" 260 lbs
Franco Columbu 5’5" 185lbs
The weights are all at contest, so yes they are lower single digit body fat.

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These stats are meaningless without a accurate BF% and picture. You say your not fat so at 5’8 not fat 250lbs your a beast.

Ditch the front load its your first cycle besides the fact it’s not needed you admit to carrying a little extra weight this method can lead to bad estrogen problems.

Way to much adex and don’t start taking unless you need to.

You already know your too young but if your 250lbs 5’8 and jacked and strong af and seriously have a chnace at completing a life goal I’m not gonna tell you your wrong.

Most guys use nolva 40/40/20/20

Again I really need to see a picture because right now I think your probably way to overweight

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I just took these and like I said I don’t think I am completely overweight, yes I could lose some weight but I am not going for the bodybuilder thing.

Also, I know a lot of people on here are somewhat deceitful and that is not what I am trying to be, if any of you have a question feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability.

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I like the bathroom fixtures, did you decorate it yourself? Be careful with Qtips, they really arent meant for years.


Ok your not a mess that’s good def a big fella but I wouldn’t call you obese. Unfortunately I have zero knowledge of powerlifting or strongman type shit so I can only real give my opinion on the cycle as I did above.

I will add I think you should lose some weight first your gonna put on some more fat with this cycle but then again if your going for strongman shit I guess being fat doesn’t matter right?

Maybe give some numbers on your lifts. There is some power lifters etc here in the forum that will probably drop in.

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Hey I actually did decorate it myself, and who said q-tips were for your ears?


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And now never will I. Great. @newbvet



So I know that strongman competitions are not the place to find low bf individuals. I get it. That being said, you’re 21, which means you have some time to hone your craft and do this in the healthiest way possible. If you can cut down some bf before cycling (not a ton, but enough to give yourself some extra room to grow) then you’re going to land in a better place than you would of you just start tomorrow. Know what I mean?

So let’s say you cut down to 240 and then cycle, rather than starting at 253. If you end your cycle up 20lbs you’ll have a better future ahead when you need to cut weight again. Make it harder now by cutting so that it’s easier six months from now.


up! and avoid estrogen sides effects due hard aromatization. bf around 15% its a good start.

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Damn, haha! Great enrichment of this thread

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I know many guys take 100 mg of Clomid but I think that’s too much. Go with what zeek said.

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At 5’ 8 worlds level strongman is going to be a big ask, however you train or whatever you take. That really is a sport for the bigger guys, being short (in this context under 6ft) is a disadvantage in so many events, being that short literally changes some events (atlas stones is no longer a stone lift, its a stone lift and stone shoulder press on the higher pedestals). I know there have been short-ish top strongmen in the past, but the meta really has changed since shaw and thor.

You’re built for powerlifting though man!

I appreciate all the responses thus far and I’d like to thank all you who have taken the time to reply. However I do have a few questions.

In terms of cutting body weight before a cycle and the related estrogen side effects, hypothetically can that not be negated by something along the lines of Arimidex? I don’t plan on just shooting from the hip on this and I plan on getting blood work done every Friday while doing this.

Secondly in terms of numbers, I assume that you are asking for S/B/D? If that’s the case I’ll be honest with you, my coach doesn’t want me pushing anything to the absolute limit outside of competition. So all I have is rep schemes and my deadlift max from my last comp. My last competition I pulled 680, with straps (Bc strongman), and with the way everything is going right now I should break into 7+ at my comp in October. In terms of a bench max I have no idea, right now I’m doing sets such as 315 for 3-5 reps superset with pushups in an attempt to hammer triceps for all the overhead movements. Squat wise, I can tell you this morning I did 5x5 with 445 on the weird cambered bar that looks like an L on both sides.
Lastly @Pinkylifting I agree with you, it’ll be difficult on things like that. I have already experienced that somewhat, but you never know if you never try. Hell if I fail, it won’t be because I didn’t try. And I probably will enter some powerlifting meets eventually, it’s just meh the three same lifts all the time get old to me.

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The problem I had when using anastrozole is it was hard to find stability. It was always too much or too little and many times the same dose one week would effect me differently the next so it’s constant juggling. If by chance it doesn’t go right and you crash your E2 it’ll screw your cycle and you’ll feel like total crap for a while. I quit using AI’s and lost about 15 lbs over the course of a month and never had a problem since plus I feel much better. (TRT but same concept)

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Sure, but your goal needs to be minimum effective dose of any compound. AIs are not overall good for us. If you can avoid them then that’s good. If not then it’s not the end of the world. But if you can reduce what you’re taking then that’s a good thing.

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Am I the only one skeptical about the OPs weight? I mean there is no way a guy at 5ft 8 and 250 lbs looks like that, not to discredit or anything but it seems very odd.
The scale could be off …

Na I think his scale is fine I just think he’s holding fat very well and has a lot less actual lean muscle then he thinks.

I agree w you, I’m lucky in that regard. I know a lot isn’t lean mass, but I also know that there’s at least a somewhat respectable amount there somewhere. I’m not even going to attempt to guess that ratio.

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