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5'8 190 lbs


I've been working out for about 5 months now consistently. Just recently started cutting carbs. Should I keep bulking or start cutting?




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Seems like you've got a pretty good base. What are your goals, and where were you weight-wise five months ago before you started?

Since you're cutting carbs, I'm guessing you want to cut, so do it smart. Stay on a good lifting program, don't drop calories too low and/or too fast, and track measurements weekly to make sure progress is steady. The worst thing you could do is drop carbs a bunch and start doing a ton of cardio and start lifting with higher reps, especially all at the same time.

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OP keep lifting hard and take your diet a little more strict like Chris suggested. A little at a time.


That would depend on your end goal. If you want to have more lean mass keep eating healthy (above maintenance) and working hard in the gym. If you are happy with your level of development and want to have less fat cut. Opinions vary.

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Dude made more progress in 5 months than some on this site in 5 years.


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I'm at 188 currently ( Dropped 2 more pounds fat I'm sure since performance has also increased in lifts) and about 5 months ago I was at 200. Thanks for the advice!


Thanks! In their defense I'm a mix of ecto/meso, I gain muscle really fast but also gain fat extremely quick also


Same here but I can drop it pretty fast also....which is one reason I never worried that much about extra fat gain early on in my training.

I keep my diet tighter now, but it helped to build that solid base of mass first.




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You deffinately should be cutting down right now. From the pictures you seem pretty endomorphic(in my opinion, ecto/meso would be much leaner). I gain fat very easily on normal diets, and personally, going on a carb cycling type diet really helped me lean out, all while gaining muscle(10 pounds over the summer). I cycled the carbs down on nontraining days(100-75g or less) kept them moderate during upper body days(150-100g or so) and ate about 200g on leg days, where i hill sprint and do a killer leg workout.

Also, keep all your carbs in the post/preworkout window, were they will not be stored as fat. This approach might be flawed, but i leaned out pretty well using this. All other meals should be veggie and/or meat/eggs meals.


There is no way to tell this from one picture with no knowledge of what he has been doing.

If his goal is more muscle, I definitely don't think he needs to be dieting right now.


Youre 100% right about not being able to tell his body type. I just gave it a wild guess, but i wasnt stating that I 100% knew his body type. As for muscle building, the carb cycling is what I find allows me to pack on lean mass and lose body-fat. I just think that if he wants to add more muscle at that frame but not control his diet, and especially his carbs, hes just going to get fatter. The carb cycling just offers a much leaner muscle gain(or it did for me) and good fat loss which is what i think would most likely benefit him.


I did mean to say endo/meso haha I'm deff not ecto. I follow a pretty strict diet of about 40% carb 40% protein and 20%fat. Clean foods only ( no soda candy etc). The carb cycling is a good idea though