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5'8 185 lbs 24yrs Old


Been lifting for 8 years.

Never really knew what I was doing up until about
a year and a half ago.

Started lifting at 145, didn't really know anything about eating
and just ate a lot over the course of about 6 years and reached 220 at 24% bodyfat.

Got down to this weight very gradually over the course of about 1.5 years.

My goal is to eventually be over 180 with sub 10% bodyfat.

Obviously yes I am natural.

Lifts: last squat workout: 310X18

last deadlift workout: 365X6(with little bit of gas in the tank) chalk and belt only.

last bench workout: 240X7

last shoulder workout: 95 lb dumbbells X 8 No spot good form

My diet right now consists of large amounts of clean food lots of steak,salmon,

Would like some feedback on what I need to focus on.




front double bi


Umm.. First suggestion is to buy some new underwear and wax your chest :slightly_smiling:

Your lifts are good, just keep working on your nutrition and keep pushing those big compounds.

Oh, you look bigger than 185


24? You have the chest hair of a much older man.

The good news is your back looks great.
The bad news is that in comparison your arms look thin.

I would keep doing what your doing for your posterior-chain and concentrate on all other muscle groups for growth.

Good job on losing the 35 pounds. Keep it up.


Don't wax your chest, that is totally gay.


Yes 24 it's funny because if you saw my face you would think I am 19.

I've had a hairy chest since late teens never really even thought about waxing it.

I noticed that in general older woman usually don't mind it but the younger ones don't like it.

Which is just fine with me because I like older woman anyways.

Yes my arms definitely are a lot smaller than the rest of my body. There used to be even a bigger

difference. I first tried that perfect 10 program on here for lagging body parts applying it to

biceps and strictly adhering to the program I did not get good results. I started doing 5 sets of 15

for a couple sets at the end of my workouts for bi's and tri's every other day and that seemed to work

in increasing size.

And looking bigger than 185 I get that a lot especially since I almost always wear 2XL shirts.


Lost about 3 lbs...

Here are some crab most muscular pictures.

Where to go from here?

Keep losing slowly?(Is it enough size for the height?)

Or add some more size?


Another one