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5'8" & 180lbs at 19, What Should I Work On?


And he said he’s at 1090 based on what he’s already done. So if he prepped for a meet, we can safely assume that he would likely hit a pr or 2, right? Soooooo pretty much the same ballpark. Not sure why you found that minimal difference worth mentioning. It certainly doesn’t help anyone.

if you’re not stepping onto a bodybuilding stage, then whatever the hell you want, man. You don’t need us to tell you what will look good to you. And that’s the only person you need to please. Women will give zero shits if you make extra lat or bicep gains or whatever. Unless you’re making wholesale changes across your body, like adding 20 lean lbs, or getting into bodybuilding conditioning, no one will notice the changes but you. So do you what you want, ya know? If you think you’d look better with a bigger back, do a lot of pull ups and rows. If you want bigger arms, do more arm work. This isn’t rocket science. Like I said above in regards to powerlifting, nobody else is looking at you.


I’ve literally got tonnes of female attention (not that I need it, I’m taken) in my current condition lads in the UK kinda love going to festivals and sniffing horse tranquilizer so they tend to be skinny lol, I’m asking for an aesthetic standpoint my own goals are similar to yours (from what I’ve seen) look good and become stronger I may just work on traps, shoulders and Tris, should help with a better v taper.


You’ll get great physique gainz from just training hard in powerlifting. Just tack on more bodybuilding work at the end. The bigger traps/shoulders/tris you want will come from good PL training. Maybe add in some shrugs and/or rack pulls after squats/deadlifts, and also some OHP/tricep extensions during the week.


that’s the whole thing though. ‘aesthetic’ is 100% subjective. Everyone has different values. Different people think different proportions are more aesthetic than others. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to ask anyone else. It sounds like you already have an idea of what you like in a physique, so do the things that are necessary to get it. That’s it. You don’t need me to tell you what your weak points are or where you have imbalances.


Lats are the biggest issue here IMO, then triceps.


Woah! Good work man. You’ve added heaps of mass since the start of the year


Thanks buddy 6kg up should’ve put a lot more on but have been facing digestive issues.


Just went back to your first thread to compare. I think 6kg is good especially the difference it made


You know it’s wierd because you look in the mirror an think theres no difference then other people tell you there is I’ve had some people tell me that too, thanks buddy.


Bingo. The same thought process applies to entering a BBing/Physique contest–no need to wait until one has a National-level package to compete.