5'8 175 lbs

legs first

another leg

another pic

wont upload lol



and yet another



I’d give ya maybe a 3 or 4. You just don’t have enough muscle. Solid base though. Wheels look good compared to the rest (uncommon). How old are ya? Any stats?

19, been training for a year, did a powerlifting meet and hit a 430 squat, 463 deadlift, and a 287 bench.

19, current competition lifts are 430 squat, 463 deadlift, and a 287 bench. Have lifted in one meet, been training for about a year. Ive never really lifted for size, mainly just pure strength. Just recently decided to put on some size.

Well, those are some impressive numbers especially for a teen. That should translate into a great physique if you apply yourself. How has your training changed?

Im actually cutting down some fat for an upcoming meet, its in july so i have a LOT of time. But id like to make it down to the 165 weight class (competed in 181 this last october). Id like to weigh in as hydrated as possible, so leaning out would help me not have to dehydrate in prep

but, as for training, i have started a new phase. I squat twice a week, bench once, and deadlift once. With biceps on deadlift days, and tri’s and chest on bench days. Nothing extravagant, just more volume as of now.

Good work so far, keep pushing hard and the best of luck to you in the coming years.