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5'8 160 8-9% Almost 1 Year Training


Been training for about 11-12months now (Started at 17, Now 18), and I've learned more than the average person in that time (imo, as ive really immersed myself into lifting) and am learning more and more everyday. Its come to the point where I think I want to make use of hard work ive put in and possibly compete, or something like that, I basically want to pursue it beyond just a hobby as I feel like I can do well given my dedication.

If I wanted to compete what are somethings I should know/work on? I know my chest and bi's are probably my weak points.

Lifts are
235 BB bench (Although only DB bench, test BB once every 3 or 4 months)
335 parallel squat
440 DL raw (no belt)


Unless you want an ass raping read the rules for RMP dude. Post wheels, post a front pick, or get out.


incoming, didnt realize you couldnt post multiple pics in one post here, no img tags.


Need to work on sweep, what can I do for it?


If you want to compete then I would recommend posting up as many pics as possible so we can see your strengths and weaknesses.

For example I wouldnt be able to give a good call on your triceps, hams, calves, chest or abdominals.

Also, I would garantee your over 10%BF, probably around 12 or so.


I just got calipered at 9%, which imo I think is pretty realistic, my legs may not look like it but I believe that may be where I store most of my fat.
Will get a side tri, full ab, calves and ham pic up later today though.


Side tri


side chest





full abs


Judging but what I can see I would say overall mass but specifically legs, chest, traps, and maybe lats (cant tell real well without a lat spread). I would go through a bulk phase and add some muscle to those areas first but sometimes you can do a competition to get the experience and really find your flaws first.


Need to work on legs. A lot. A whole lot.


my lats are good, just have higher insertions, but I agree with chest, my bi's are also weak compared to my delts.

@fandango my legs grow slow, I squat heavy and theyre relatively strong but just grow slowly.
How can I work on sweep for legs?

Keep in mind I'm only 18 lifting for a year, imo my leg size will come eventually, how would I fare against other 18-19 year olds though?


Closing your stance has helped me with the quad sweep. Don't be afraid to try some other exercises besides traditional back squatting. 20 rep sets on legs with a relatively high weight is also something I would try if you have never done it.

Also, I just read that you started lifting weights about a year ago. If that's true then you have made some incredible progress. Keep at it and don't be afraid to eat like you mean it and put some mass on. Congrats.


What jumps out at me is your lack of triceps.

In the rear double biceps pose your lats and delts look good but your arms are tiny in comparison.

In the "side tri" shot your lack of triceps was confirmed.

Also, bring up the legs.


IF you have only been lifting for a year and are this young you have made great progress and started at a good age. But dont do a competetion now. Add more mass first you are primed to be growing not cuttin gright now. You can add lots of quality mass rightn now. Give it another year at least of hard gaining then do a comp if you feel you have added enough. But at this age mass should be your only concern especially if you plan on compteting and doing well.


Really you need to add mass everywhere, but concentrate on Legs, chest (especially upper) and arms in general. I will say again, you are not under 10% BF, not to be a dick but your NOT. Try to add another 10-20lb of mass and come back and we will take another look at you and see how you are progressing.


Being calipered at 9% isn't "realistic", trust me. if we're not seeing details in your front quads, you ain't close.

-More overall size
-Legs definitely lagging

Decent physique for someone your age who hits the gym, but wouldn't step on a stage yet, too unbalanced. Keep pounding away though, definitely heading in the right direction.



In regards to this statement, I believe everyone here is just trying to help you out, but as Stu said It wouldnt be smart to walk out onto stage just yet. Yes it is understandable that you are young, but here is an example of kids your same age that are competing in the same weight class. (this pic is from 08 a friend i graduated with, granted he is in a higher level and division now, this was him at 18.)

I feel like natural BB is getting more competitive now in the fact that so many kids hit college and feel they are ready and want to hit it right away, I believe it is better to solidify your foundation before you have to go through something as rigorous as contest prep dieting.