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5'8", 148 Pounds. First Cycle: Test, Clen, T3

Hi guys, I just started my first cycle and taking Clen in the morning and t3 at night.

I did my research on this found out most people don’t recommend Clen/t3 during cycle.

I’m 5 8 about 175 cm and 148 lbs with 20% BF.

My goal is to get lean muscle as much as I can. If normal cycle usually brings 3% bf, I would be 23% bf at the end which is miserable. That’s why I add Clen/t3.

I just want to know how to maximize my gain with Clen/t3. If I had to drop Clen and t3, when should I do it? Before my cycle or after my complete cycle with PCT?

Thanks in advance.

Update: I did workout for about two years. I’m not sure about my bf, but my bf scale always said around 20…so my scale isn’t working properly

Here it comes






I’m sorry to say but this pretty much puts you in the “skinny fat bastard” category. You should have held off on a cycle until you had control over your diet and training program to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass.


Laziness. Always. Wins.


You are going to only get advice to stop what you are doing. The consensus on this forum is that one needs to demonstrate they know what they are doing before adding in steroids.

You don’t need these things. T3 at night is silly as it will probably make you hot, and energetic. Also, you are messing with your thyroid. You need to clean up your diet.

175 cm is 5’9".

Really not trying to be a dick, but these stats are not the stats of someone who is about to use steroids.

Have you started lifting yet? I am asking because your stats indicate not only a person who is a non-lifter, but also very sedentary. You have about 118 lbs of lean mass at 5’9" or 5’10" I would have to not lift, and also be very careful not to move very much to achieve those stats.

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Genetics can be a bitch… that being said, no real excuse for using gear with his stats… 148, 20 % would be good if he were say, 5’1

The biggest issue is… say he can’t diet/train, runs a cycle… balloons to 170-175… goes off and loses everything because he didn’t know how to diet/train adequately…


This post can’t be for real right? I mean holy shit. He could probly just workout and eat right for a month or two and make the same gains as doin steroids lol I mean he must not workout At all with those stats. Fuck I’m glad I waited till I was 29 to start this Jesus christ

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He probably doesn’t work out, wants to hop on just as he starts to “kick start” progress… however in reality what it’ll kickstart is body dysmorohia, unrealistic expectations and complete reliance on PED’s to progress

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I know an individual at 5’2" and 165 and about 10% BF, and he is pretty impressive looking.

That being said, before lifting I was about 165-170 and high teens for %BF @ 5’10. I would have to not move to get to those stats, or be in a POW situation (in that situation my %BF would be like 5%).

With those stats it sounds like you have no muscle mass and are made up of a lot of fat. Simply eating a proper diet with sufficient protein and consistent training will make give you more muscle mass and burn some fat. You Def don’t need to cycle and sound like you are looking for a shortcut, which will not benefit you in the shape you are currently in. Atleast try to put some work and time in and you will be impressed with how much it actually pays off without gear.

I’m currently hovering at 165-170 at about 19%… I’m 5’5… trying to get down to a lean 155 as I don’t feel my weight is healthy for my frame. I’m very broad, yet have a very small bone structure (6.25 inch wrists or something similar… I know they’re below 7 in circumference)

I don’t look impressive, but I do look quite stocky…

People definitely underestimate how much more weight you need for a certain look if you are taller. At 5’10" I estimate I would have to be around 220-230 lbs @ 10% BF to look like my 5’2" buddy at 165 @ 10% BF. I still wouldn’t look like him as he has great arm genetics. I’ll take being taller though.

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I def agree. I’m 6”1 210ish. I’m always jealous of how much quicker the smaller guys fill out lol



But yes I agree… my arm genetics aren’t great, they suck actually… but my genetics regarding back muscle development are off the chart (I think)… for a taller guy to get the same level of thickness/width I have in my back I think it’d prove very difficult

Tbh I don’t like training my back too intensely, it’ll quickly overdevelop and overshadow all other body parts. It’s important for postural maintenance though, my motto is (because it has to be this way to avoid future injury) 2x pulling compared to pushing movements

Don’t want to be all internally rotated, prone to impingement, rotator cuff tears etc

I call BS on all you guys normal/tall guys. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

No excuses. Think its fun being short? It sucks and this is coming from a guy who has a beautiful normal height wife. At least once a week I get a short crack from somebody. Although its been less and less now that I’m 200lbs at 5’7" LOL


Dude, you’re 5’7?! I always thought we were around the same height (5’10), 200 @ 5’7 is impressive man! I’m down to 191 :disappointed:

This dude is clearly a troll. The stats would imply he’s never lifted a weight a day in his life.

@aaronca Yes sadly it is so. I’m about to cut back down to 190 though. I snore like a bear at this weight and actually look better a little lighter. Us shorties look like little meatballs when we get too heavy and clothes are less flattering. I am 190 in the Avatar photo and 200 in the photo I posted under TRT credentials.

Damn Man! I’m actually going to cut a bit just out of pure boredom and wanting some goal for the gym. Just got my dexascan done two days ago, 14.5% @ 193lbs. Figure I’ll drop down to 10%, see how it looks, then probably regret it :joy: I already feel tiny.

Keep me posted how your cut goes man!