572x5 Beltless Deadlift - Form Check Video

Hey everyone. I recently hit a PR on deads by pulling 572x5 (260kg). I’m aiming for 300kg in the near future, and would like advice and input on what I need to address regarding my technique to keep improving my pull. Thanks!

Looks good. The only thing that comes to mind is that it looks like you’re overextending a bit at lockout, but as long as it doesn’t cause you to unlock your knees or you go so far that you injure your back it’s not really an issue. Why no belt though?

You could try recording from the side or diagonally from the rear to get a different angle too,.

Probably the best deadlift form check video I have seen on this site.


At the weight you pull your form should be pretty solid for your body just a matter of keping your strength going up.

Agreed, was nice to watch including the hook grip

Thanks for all the positive feedback! As to why I pull beltless, I never learned how to use it properly and was only getting maybe 20 extra lbs out of it, so I ditched it a while ago in favor of beltless pulls. Considering throwing it back in the mix though.

I agree that a belt adds much less to deadlift than it does to squat, but even if it’s 20lbs. it’s still something.

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In a strength sport every pound helps

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