57 Year Old's Endurance Training Log

I had a 1000 sit-up (old school) nightly routine that I did in my 20’s for a few years, then let slide. Repeated again in my 30’s & 40’s and similarly let nightly routine skip after a few years. I started up again a year ago. Worked my way to a nightly 1000 sit-ups(took 4 month duration starting at 20 sit-ups to get to a 1000 nightly). Now I’m extending endurance training to other muscle groups.

Now my nightly: at 1 set 1000 reps of sit-ups, 1 set of 1000 double calf raises, 1 set of 1000 reps of air squats, and working at increasing my nightly pushups: as of today’s topic doing 1 set of 180 … I increased initially one pushup more each night, then 2 more, now at 3 more(goal to hit 1000 pushups nightly by end of 2017 while continuing existing nightly). Current routine about 90 minutes. Feels good to hit numbers I never did before in my life. No aches or pains. Just feeling that good burn from my nightly. I’m 5’10" currently at approx. 190 lbs.

Hey buddy. I will be following.

How do you do those sit-ups??

I use to to endless amounts of sit-ups as a teen, and Im wondering if that may be a factor in the lower back issues that I have today.

Perhaps, you could try more advanced body-weight moves. At the moment it looks like you are training for muscular endurance, while more advanced movements may help you build some more strength. Just a thought.


This is seriously impressive for any age.

Hi theBird,

I do old school military style situps- Lying fully on my back with knees bent with both feet down, the I sit up while my hands/arms pass by my knees, about where elbows reach knees(feet stilll on ground), and back down. I do them typically in family room (carpet has a good premium pad) while watching TV. Or in hotel gym if I’m traveling for work.

I find that at about every 50, my body works its way to back of room and I have I have to crab walk back forward to front of room. Its also a mental challenge to keep count correct as I get lost in routines.

I’ve never had back issues, I’ve always gradually increased counts when I would get back into routine after breaking for a number of years: first to nightly 20 count, do it for a few weeks. Then one more each night, then I’m feeling stronger, increasing up it to 5 more more… similarly increasing 20 more, etc.till hit nightly 1000. Then I push myself with times to reach nightly 1000, using stop watch.

I’ve read so much how situps are bad for your back, do crunches instead, but I’ve never had back issues. Only issue is that if I use a hotel gym where mat is too thick and mushy, like over an inch, then I get skin rub on my back. In fact i’ve developed a skin callous on my right butt cheek(I guess I tend to favor slight right tilt when I do situps). I go throw a sweatshirt every month… I wear a hole in my sweat shirt’s back side from the rubbing, then switch back to front till I wear a hole on that side :wink:

I’m experimenting/applying that technique to see if I could incorporate to achieve 1000 number on pushups(I’ve never attempted with sit ups previously.

I’ve learned, for me personally, its satisfying to maintain personal discipline and focus and learn and see what my body can do.

Also, I’ve applied a lot from the smart nutrition stories in t-nation, and elsewhere, and started to eat wisely… hi protein(grilled chicken or grilled salmon), good carbs vs bad carbs: lot of veggies and fruit (staying away from grease cooked foods and processed or sugar loaded foods)


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Update: hit 300 pushups sub-goal last night(2/23/17), while maintaining other nightly routine of 1000 situps,1000 calf raises & 1000 air squats

will continue bumping up pushup count by 3 to 5 each night

no pain or soreness with these gradual increase

will update when I hit next sub-goal of 400, working toward ultimate goal of 1000

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This is insane! I couldn’t imagine doing 1000 of anything, let alone 1000 of 3-4 exercises EVERY night. This is impressive, to say the least.

I have been doing 80 pushups recently as assistance on bench day, and that is plenty! How many of each of these do you typically do consecutively. Do you cycle them or do all 1000 of one then move on.

If you could post what one of your nightly routines looks like, I would be interested, just out of pure curiosity.

Thanks for the kind words littlesleeper

If I’m at home, it’s working out on the carpeted family room floor while the tv is on.
If I’m traveling for work, it’s in the hotel gym if they have 1/2 thick yoga mats, otherwise in the hotel room on a few towels on the hard carpet floor.

I first do some stretching of legs, arms and torso.

First, I assume military style pushup position, on floor, palms aligned near armpits and arms angled at 45 degress(looks like an arrow from top view- with back relatively horizontal.I also put a magazine at my face on floor-don’t like breathing in carpet fibers. I start doing pushups spaces maybe 1 to 3 seconds apart with me going back all the way on the floor… and keeping doing them in one set till I hit my goal, tonight its to hit 305.

Then, I’ll stand and to a traditional body weight air-squat. I go down to where my wrists at my sides are just below knees. Then I do them, 1 set 1000 reps.

Then I do situps, old school style. 1 set, 1000 reps

Then do double calf raises, 1 set, 1000 reps.

What I’ve been doing recently, is right after routine is having a glass of pomegranate(about 8 oz) with a heaping teaspoon of spirulina powder mixed in. My friend calls it pond scum. Looks it, but taste isn’t bad.

Every night. I’ve learned it’s just a matter of sticking with the routine an gradually challenging myself. Im curious if I can make the 1000 pushup goal. Of course if my body start telling me to stop, I will - dont want any injuries.

Hit my sub goal of 400 pushups tonight on 3/19/2017.

Tonight’s routine:
1 set of 400 pushups(took 25 minutes)
2 minutes rest
1 set of 1000 air squats (took 28 minutes)
2 minutes rest
1 set of 1000 sit- ups (took 44 minutes)
2 minutes rest
1 set of 1000 calf raises (took just under 5 minutes)

Tomorrow’s goal is 405 pushups … striving to hit 1000 pushups in my nightly workout (adding about 5 more pushups each night)

Half way there to my final goal of 1000 nightly push upsI hit my sub goal of 500 push ups tonight on 4/6/2017.

Tonight’s routine:
1 set of 500 push ups (took 32 minutes)
2 minutes rest
1 set of 1000 air squats (took 23 minutes)
2 minutes rest
1 set of 1000 sit ups (took 42 minutes)
2 minutes rest
1 set of 1000 calf raises (took just over 5 minutes)

I will update if/when I hit my next sub goal of 600 push ups

Tonight, I hit my sub-goal of 1 set of 600 reps of pushups.

Previously, after crossing the 500 pushup mark my body found it challenging to keep increasing push up counts nightly. So, I listened to the recent sudden feelings & fatigue and broke up my previous nightly routine into two day routines.

For example, my most recent sequence:
Last night: 1 set of 1000 air squats (22 minutes), 2 minute rest, 1 set of 1000 sit ups (46 minutes)
Tonight: 1 set of 600 pushups (38 minutes), 2 min rest, 1 set of 1000 calf raises (5 minutes)

Will continue increase my push up count by 10 or so on every set and will update, when/if I hit my next sub-goal of 700 pushups.

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Hit my milestone of 800 push ups tonight. 200 more to strive for per push up routine toward 1000 goal (pushups every other night). I may change my incremental increase count from 20 to 10 per routine-no pain or cramping, but pecks and arms are telling me they are working hard after I cross the 700 count.

5/24/17: 800 pushups in 60 minutes & 1000 calf raises in 5 minutes
5/23/17: 1000 air squats in 25 minutes & 1000 sit ups in 48 minutes

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Tonight, I hit my goal of one set of 1000 reps of push ups. Took 81 minutes. I’ll continue over the next few months to improve my push up time

6/1/2017: 1000 push ups (81 minutes) & 1000 calf raises (5 minutes)
5/31/2017: 1000 air squats (25 minutes) & 1000 sit ups (47 minutes)

After a few months, I will probably add pull ups to my routines … shooting for 1000 pull ups.

What I learned: Extreme endurance goals are possible, if I patiently and systematically work at my goals in incremental steps with determination. Being in my late 50’s did not keep me from reaching my goals.

Good luck to all striving to reach and surpass their personal goals !!!