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57 Year Old - Back Arthrosis, Especially Lower Back


I used to lift (all natural) since I was 24 to 43 years old (19 years 6 times a week). Had to stop because I was getting a lot of back pain.

Through the years I tried different things and treatments, my back is not that bad (comparing to what´s “out there” (I don´t have siatica or any other compressions in my spine), the diagnosis is ARTHROSIS.

Since I started swimming (3 times a week for about 1 hour - now 8 months) pains are all gone (since long) if I´m “careful” (wich I will describe later).

My body looks pretty good, specially for my age, at 57 I look much better than the majority of 20-30 year old guys, just from swimming.But as you know mass developement with swimming is very little. In any case, to give an idea, I´m one of the best bodys in a public swimming pool, but it´s just a swimmer´s body, no bodybuilder body by any means.

Since I just started TRT I wanted to see if I can lift again, but I was unsuccesful in two reiterated times I tryed.

Just carry “baby weigths” to a bench to start the exercise for seconds seem to produced pains for two days. For instance I tryed to do biceps curl sitting with just 2 kg dumbells (yes, laugh, remember I used to lift pretty heavy “back then” I know is ridiculous, imagine, BESIDES, I have pretty god technique.), and ended up with excrusiating pain for 2 days. (that was my first attemp), besides the excrusiating pain (kind of “bone” pain) of course I had no muscle pain (the “good one” you feel after training for a couple of days).

The other intent was doing dips on the floor, I just did 1 rep (ONE!!!) and had pain two days…Again, it might seem ridiculous. At 170 I used to bench press around 10 reps with 225, and aquat 374 also for reps BACK THEN).

The doctors said is not advisable to do weight training, but just wanted to see if there is any alternative oppinion, method suggested or anything.